The explosion at the warehouse in Abkhazia: two Russians were killed and dozens of tourists injured

© Photo : MOE MOE Abrazivostruynye in the area of the explosion site in the village of Primorsk. Archive photoThe explosion at the warehouse in Abkhazia: two Russians were killed and dozens of tourists injured© Photo : Ministry of emergency situations of Abkhazia

Two Russian tourists were killed in the blasts at a military depot in Abkhazia. According to local emergency, a few dozen tourists were injured.

What happened

«As a result of explosion of ammunition in military warehouses of the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Abkhazia injured 60 people, 35 of which — citizens of Russia, 27 the Russians are hospitalized», — said on the page Embassy in Facebook.

Later it became known about the dead in the explosion. They turned out to be a resident of St. Petersburg.

«Were searching for three people. Turns out they were on horseback in the territory where there was an explosion. We found the bodies of two dead — Elena Polyakova, born in 1970, and Elena Timofeeva, 1962. They are both from St. Petersburg», — told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Ministry of emergency situations of Abkhazia Mizan Lomia.

Also in the hospital with a broken hand delivered Lyudmila Dmitrieva, 1954. All three Russians found Wednesday morning.

Information about the death of Russians has already confirmed a press-the attache of the Russian Embassy in Abkhazia tural Javadov.

The interior Ministry of Abkhazia said that searches of people at the scene stopped.

«We have more missing there. So active search is completed, there is a study area,» said Minister Aslan Kobakhia.

Check SK

SK intends to find out the causes of the explosions, which killed Russian citizens. The order gave the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

The official representative office, Svetlana Petrenko said that now the investigation together with Abkhazian colleagues find out all circumstances of incident, as well as precise data on casualties the Russians.

The issue of compensation

The Abkhazian authorities have promised to pay compensation to all the victims of the explosion at a military warehouse, including the Russians. President Raul Khajimba instructed to create a special Commission that will determine the size of payments.

The head of the Republic also ordered to solve the issue with the placement of those tourists who were in buildings affected by the explosion.

Assistance will monitor the health Minister Tamaz of Canacia.

The Russian base was not injured

The head of the press service of the southern military district Vadim Astafyev said yesterday that the Russian military base in Abkhazia was not injured.

In turn, the head of the base Igor Yegorov said that the Russian military is ready to help the Abkhaz authorities with the liquidation of consequences of emergency.

«We arrived on the blast site with officials of the Ministry of defense of Abkhazia in order to help in the aftermath of the explosion. We have three of the APC just in case you need to evacuate people, fire and ambulance vehicles, a drone that conducted the exploration. Intelligence UAV stands for now, and then we will know exactly what exploded in the warehouse,» — said Egorov RIA Novosti.

According to open sources, in Abkhazia stationed about four thousand Russian military. The agreement to establish a joint military base was signed in 2010, it included the former peacekeeping facilities and military airport of the Bombora in the Gudauta district, military base and part of the sea Bay under the Ochamchira and joint Russian-Abkhazian military garrisons stationed in the Kodori gorge and near the Inguri dam.

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