The government has approved a project to improve outpatient clinic performance

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova in fotobounce in the clinic receptionist. Archival photoThe government has approved a project to improve outpatient clinic performance© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova the image Bank

The government approved the passport of a project to improve outpatient clinics. The new model aims to reduce waiting time appointment to the doctor and the time of passing the examination. In addition, the authorities expect that the changes will help improve the quality of medical services.

The document States that Central to the work of the clinics will be the principle of «lean production».

So, it is planned to redistribute the workload between doctors and middle medical staff, optimise «the logistics of patients» and to move to electronic document management. The administration of the polyclinics will also be required to create for the patients a comfortable environment while waiting, and medical examinations and professional examinations organized on the principles of «continuous flow of patients with the time limits on the admission of one person.»

The project is nearly six years until April 2023. In the years 2018-2019 will be the experimental part, when the accepted model will work 155 and 195 medical organizations, respectively. It is planned that by 2022 a new pattern of medical care will go not less than four thousand clinics.

Also by 2018, half of the clinics need to fine-tune responses to deviations from the timing expectations of assistance established by the program of state guarantees; in 2020 — 75%, 2022 — 95%.

For this plan to create an automated system to monitor the availability of primary medical care.

«It will allow you to control including how quickly you can sign up to a specialist and the waiting time of a specialist when visiting the medical organizations», — explained in the document.

Main priority is the availability of medical care

In mid-June, President Vladimir Putin said that the main priority in healthcare is to ensure access to health care for people.

«We all know the problem with medicine is everywhere, and always the patient one way or another critical of the fact that in medicine is done in almost all countries. That is why in the United States former President began to undertake the reconstruction of this area, passed a law, which has caused a lot of criticism, then again came the President actually abolished this reform, the same thing is happening in Europe,» — said the head of state during the «direct line».

According to the President, over the last three years were built two thousands of new medical facilities. Meanwhile, Putin acknowledged that the country lacks specialists, which leads to queues.

«We need to move to electronic queues, and to make it so that in fact it worked. But finally, and most importantly — to ensure availability, it is the task number one today in medicine. To ensure the availability of medical care», — said the Russian leader.

The Internet will help

In July, the government approved a decree according to which Russians will be able to call the doctor at home through a personal account on the «Single portal of public and municipal services».

In addition, under the new rules, via the Internet you can get information about attachment to a clinic and book an appointment with a physical examination or check-up.

Such online services are successfully operating in 2016 in Moscow and the Moscow region: patients can call home therapist and pediatrician. It is not about emergencies, but the calls when there is no threat to life.

Last year, residents of the Moscow region for more than six million times use the «E-registry» to record on reception to the doctors.

The government took care of the introduction of new technologies in the healthcare system. In late July, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the connection of health facilities to provide high-tech assistance.

The government has approved a project to improve outpatient clinic performance© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in the Bank»Live fast – die young»: what happens to the Russian emergency Pomodoro to the Prime Minister, every hospital or clinic needs to be at least connected to the global network.

«Otherwise, they are to a certain extent, remain cut off from the main trends of development of medicine often cannot provide medical services. This year we plan to allocate a considerable sum — almost 5.5 billion rubles and to connect nearly four thousand points,» — said Medvedev at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

The head of government stressed that in the future hospitals will work with electronic health records to medical history and lab results were available when connected to a special database.

Tech clinic

Earlier the head of Ministry of health Veronica Skvortsova told that before the end of 2019 in Russia earn two thousand modern high-tech clinics. According to her, the project was launched a few months ago.

The government has approved a project to improve outpatient clinic performance© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Kumaripati in fotomancer called the «ill» regions»We started with three regions, took two clinics per region. Now today it is already 115 outpatient clinics in 40 regions. Until the end of the year we will increase the number of clinics included in the project to 200, and within two years 2018-2019 — two thousand clinics will be included in this project, this will be the main and actual pillars of primary care», — said Skvortsova told reporters.

According to her, the new technology will simplify record on reception to the doctor, and also to separate the sick and healthy patients, who came for preventative treatment.

«Waiting time at clinics was reduced by more than three times, and totally changed the technology of passage of laboratory research,» — said the Minister.