The ISS will deliver the suit created by cancer patients children

© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASAВид to earth from the International space station. Archive photoThe ISS will deliver the suit created by cancer patients children© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASA

Us space truck SpaceX Dragon will deliver on August 13 to the International Space Station (ISS) spacesuit «Unity», which was created by cancer patients children, told RIA Novosti NASA astronaut Nicole Stott.

«»Unity» will be aboard the ISS for about one month and you return to the Ground on the truck back,» she said.

According to the company website, another flying truck scheduled for August 13.

Stott added that the suit will be demonstrated aboard the ISS command the station during a video conference, scheduled until 23 August. The video link will go between the ISS and the control of NASA in Houston. The ISS crew will answer questions from children around the world, such as Russia, the United States, Canada, and Germany who participated in the making of this suit.

According to Stott, the aim of the project is to draw attention to the problems of treatment of pediatric cancer and to raise General awareness on this subject. And to show that victory over a serious illness, like flying in space, are heavy physical and emotional challenge that can be overcome only by working in a team, whether the team doctors, patients and their relatives, or the crew of a spaceship.

This suit is the third «Art project «space Suit». The project was a collaboration between Ian Zion — artist and Director of the international program «Art in medicine» by NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and a fellow of the international Corporation Dover David, Graziosi.

The project, designed to demonstrate the healing power of art, informed by the children from different countries of the world were created by two of the suit, each of which received the symbolic name «Hope» and «Courage».

The first suit of «Hope» was stitched from more than 600 lengths of fabric, hand painted by patients, families and staff of the center for MD Anderson. This suit represents hope for recovery.

The second suit, «Courage» was created by MD Anderson patients, many of whom were in isolation during the treatment process. This suit shows how much courage and will you have to be being away from family and friends, alone with the disease. In the same isolation there, and astronauts during space missions.The ISS will deliver the suit created by cancer patients children© Infographicsrussia me astronauts?