The number of blind in the world could rise threefold by 2050

© Fotolia / Andrey PopovСлабовидящий people on the street. Archival photoThe number of blind in the world could rise threefold by 2050© Fotolia / Andrey Popov

The number of blind people in the world by 2050 is expected to triple, according to a study published in the medical journal Lancet Global Health.

According to scientists, by 2050 the number of blind people could increase from 36 million to 115 million people. The reason for this is the increase in the aging population.

«In 2015 in the world of 7.33 billion people, 36 million were blind… Growth and change in the age structure of world population leads to a significant increase in the number of people with blindness and visual impairment … for Example, the number of blind people in 2020 will increase to the level of 38.5 million people, by 2050 this number will grow to 115 million», — the report says.

The largest number of blind and people with visual impairment is observed in South Asia and in African countries located South of the Sahara.

The study of these 188 countries between 1990 and 2015 showed that more than 200 million people currently suffer from medium to severe disturbances of visual perception. This figure could in 2050 to exceed 550 million people.