The scientist calculated how much food to eat cats and dogs

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in motobanquistas dogs and cats from shelters in Moscow within the framework of the festival of dogs and people Companions in Izmailovo Park of culture and rest in MoscowThe scientist calculated how much food to eat cats and dogs© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

. Pets as much impact on the environment and climate of the Earth, like the man himself, says the scientist, we calculate the total mass of food eaten cats and dogs and published their findings in the journal PLoS One.

«I like cats and dogs, and I am in no way saying that owners of Pets have to get rid of them or put them on a vegetarian diet, which only hurts the animals. On the other hand, I think we need to clearly understand how our Pets affect the climate and ecology of Earth, and openly discuss this issue. Domestic animals have many advantages, but we should not forget about their impact on the environment,» says Gregory ocean (Gregory Okin) from the University of California at Los Angeles (USA).

It tells the ocean, on the Earth today, in addition to people, dominate the animals domesticated during the evolution of cats, dogs, livestock and poultry. According to current estimates, only in the United States is home to about 163 million pet cats and dogs, as well as approximately 60 million feral «murok», runaway, or abandoned by the owners.

In recent years, ecologists and biologists have been actively interested in how this multi-million army of Pets affects those ecosystems, near which or within which they live.

For example, six years ago, environmentalists noticed that cats are the main enemies of birds living near cities, and four years ago they counted up the number of their victims and found that feral cats each year kill about 4 billion wild birds and 20 billion small mammals.

Ocean drew attention to another negative aspect of the life of Pets – most of them producing food independently, and consumes the food or the food that they buy or prepare the owners. The production of these feeds spent electricity, water, energy and other resources that are extracted from nature and often cause damage.

Following this idea, the scientist tried to calculate how much food is eaten by all domestic cats and dogs living in the U.S., based on data on how much energy they need to eat what food you prefer to buy a home and what breed of Pets are most popular in the United States.

As shown by these calculations, American cats and dogs eat about the same amount of food that residents of large evropeiskih countries such as France or Germany, and are among the main «suppliers» of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

According to Okina, the production of feed for cats and dogs is approximately 64 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, equivalent to the annual emissions of around 13 million vehicles. If you combine all the cats and dogs of the world in a kind of «state», it would have ranked fifth in total emissions after the USA, China, Russia and Brazil.

What is the reason? As noted by scholars, such a high contribution of cats and dogs to global warming is due to two things. First, they eat mainly meat, which requires large amounts of energy, and secondly, Americans tend to buy fairly expensive food with a large proportion of dietary meat and quite energy efficient cooking.

«I’m not a vegetarian, but every piece of meat is not free from the point of view of climate. The dog does not have to eat steak for dinner. They can eat those things that people just can’t digest. Why don’t we take and move the part of the expensive «dog» products in the category products for man, and not to start to feed the Pets what we can’t eat?», — concludes the scientist.