The Vatican will help the migrants to integrate in Italy, Austria and Greece

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Vinogradova in fotomontagen-Muslims on the borderThe Vatican will help the migrants to integrate in Italy, Austria and Greece© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Vinogradova to the photobank

The Roman Catholic Church decided to help the refugees assimilate into Italy, Austria and Greece, according to «Vatican Radio».

Earlier in the Sardinian city of Cagliari, the presentation of the special project for the protection, integration and education of refugees PIER (Protection, integration and education for refugees). The authors of the initiative by the national office of the Catholic Foundation «Caritas» (responsible for social assistance) of Italy and Austria in cooperation with the Greek Association Arsis charity that cares for needy youth. The main goal of the project is practical and effective international protection of migrants and in supporting the many humanitarian activities carried out by European organizations.

«The efforts in the integration of refugees, including economic, are the most effective tool to enhance the security of society, and is deeply concerned about our citizens. If politicians found the courage and finally figured out the real way to protect and heal the society lies in the integration of refugees, it would have made a big step forward. This project is a true testimony to international cooperation in the field of integration», — quotes «Vatican Radio» the words of the representative of the Italian branch of Caritas, Manuela De Marco.

In Austria, a new project will strengthen the educational work with refugees of school age throughout the country will be created 18 leisure Centres. And in Greece will be covered by a special concern for young homeless migrants.

In addition, 11 of the dioceses of the Peninsula will not only improve the quality of the courses of Italian language for refugees, but the level of psycho-social support to these forced migrants and their employment in Italy. But thousands of sets of first necessity will appear on the ships engaged in search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, and in the structures of Caritas, which serve the ports of disembarkation of refugees.