Trinity explained the words Marilyn Manson on the Moscow fans

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoracconti Marilyn Manson in Moscow. Archival photoTrinity explained the words Marilyn Manson on the Moscow fans© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

American rock singer Marilyn Manson has never showed interest in politics, so his words at the concert in Kiev should not be interpreted as a political statement, he was just trying to cheer up the audience, a well-known music critic Artemy Troitsky.

Earlier in the network appeared the video with Manson concert in Kiev, where he, speaking to the audience mentioned: «Kiev, now I don’t want to be political but you just made Moscow sound like your bitch». Media differed in estimates of this statement of him: some saw it as an attack towards Moscow, some considered it a normal behavior of the flamboyant rocker. Manson became famous in the 90 years of its criticism of religious institutions. In their speeches, the artist usually turns to the audience in unprintable terms.

«Marilyn Manson is not the person worth waiting for political statements. He was never any activism in this area is not known for. Of course, he shouted just to cheer on the spectators. With regard to the forms in which it occurs, here are the different phrases permissible, including, probably, exotic. I think I’m just on autopilot artists speak these kind of words,» said Trinity RIA Novosti.

He added that the actor is unlikely to have sought «to gain fame political provocateur».

Marilyn Manson concert in Kyiv took place on 2 August in Moscow the musician performed on July 21.