Trump blamed the Congress for the deterioration of relations with Russia

© AFP 2017 / Jim WatsonПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump blamed the Congress for the deterioration of relations with Russia© 2017 AFP / Jim Watson

American President Donald trump has blamed the Congress for the deterioration of relations between the US and Russia.

«Our relations with Russia are at an all-time low and dangerous level. You can thank Congress, the same people can’t even give us medicine,» trump wrote in his Twitter.

Before trump has signed the law on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The document limits the powers of the President to lift the sanctions and leave the last word in these matters for Congress. The law also codifies and gives the force of law sanctions that were imposed by Executive orders Barack Obama. This greatly complicates any prospects of lifting the sanctions, regardless of how the future will shape relations between Washington and Moscow.

Trump said later that he signed the law contains unconstitutional regulations. In particular, he is unhappy that Congress intends to examine in advance any of the President’s decision on modification or lifting of sanctions.

Another provision imposes obligations on the Executive branch, which «contradict the exclusive constitutional right of the President to determine the time, scope and objectives of international negotiations.»

Trump said that the adopted law will bring Russia, China and North Korea, as «limiting the flexibility of Executive power, makes it difficult to conclude USA good deals for the people of America.» He also stressed that the document could have a negative impact on American businesses, friends and allies of Washington.

A new package of sanctions was the biggest since the beginning of 2014. It expands sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy and imposes restrictions against Russian energy projects, including in Europe.