What is cashback and how to earn on online purchases

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MOSCOW, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. In June, five million Russians have made a purchase through cashback services, the number of users of these resources every month grows by 400 thousand people, according to ePN. Cashback (cashback) or deferred compensation — the kind of bonus programs and alternative to direct discounts. The buyer returns part of the money for purchases, and the seller receives a permanent and loyal customer. About how cashback services that offer the greatest benefits and what are the tricks used in the material RIA Novosti.

How it works

As a rule, cashback program customers automatically connect the banks. Getting your debit or credit card, the person becomes a user of the system, which includes several hundred shops and retailers. There are special services that bring banks and shops — for example, Sweetcard. This is a b2b platform that helps banks to receive deals from a large number of retail outlets. Cashback customers get mostly offline — paying in restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies.

How much to pay and where more
To get back some of the money for online purchases you must register with special Internet-cashback-services. Typically return about 5%, but in the events time the percentage could reach 15% and even higher. The leaders of the Russian market of cashback services Letyshops.ru, Alibonus.com and ePN.bz. Often using them to buy goods from the category «health & beauty (almost 21% of transactions). The second segment of the goods for the house and garden — they account for 14.3% of the purchases.

Thirteen and a half percent of total purchases accounted for by smartphones, tablets, home appliances and networking equipment. And in this segment the percentage of cashback is the highest — on can return up to 28% of smartphone or tablet, and up to 14% — for household appliances.

«The average check when buying equipment is usually higher than in other categories. Accordingly, the user receives a large amount of cashback (in cash) with the purchase of such products» — says Igor Gnatovsky, CEO of Russia’s largest cashback service Letyshops. The sellers we work with cashback sites, they pay a percentage of sales — it can reach 20-30%. Of this amount, the service user pays 70-80%, and the rest picks itself — as a fee for their services, noted in the ePN.

«Letyshops receives compensation from the shop-the partner for every purchase you make. A large part of this fee we pay to you as cashback,» says Gnatowski. During the stock, the site can increase the amount of cashback to users at their own expense.

How to increase the size of the cashback

The remuneration level for participants is different. For example, Alibonus the reward grows along with the user rating. The more purchases made by the user, the higher the rating, respectively, the percentage. To get to the level of a Shopaholic (overcoming stage loyalty Arithmetic, Merchant and Economist), the Newcomer needs to save money on purchases $21 dollars — when this threshold is reached, cashback increase from 5.50% for all categories of goods and 3,83% for mobile phones to 7.71% and 5.37 percent, respectively. To reach the top level of «Master of coin» and get maximum cashback of 8.25% 2584 need to save the dollar.

Although the rate of cashback depends on the size of remuneration to the services they receive from partner stores, there are ways to increase the size of the reward. In addition to the shares of common promo codes that allow you to obtain a higher rate of cashback.

Another option — buy a premium account. On Letyshops it will cost 150 rubles for 30 days, and increase the rate of cashback is 30%.

For example, if the standard rate of cashback in store 5%, for the duration of the premium account rate will be 6.5%.


Cashback will be credited to the balance immediately, but after the store confirms the order. Typically it takes 3-4 weeks. If a user buys is only part of the order, the cashback will still be assessed, however, will be recalculated downward.

The money is not necessary to log in the account and spend on future purchases — you can display them on the mobile phone, Bank card, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal or WebMoney. For example, some of these sites put you in the browser toolbar. But then you found the right offer on another cashback service and tried to buy goods through it. Purchase will be credited using the service toolbar which is built, despite the fact that a client has failed a very different resource. Thus, these services are deceiving each other. In fact, the principle — «first come, first serve», — said the owner of one of the cashback sites.