Authorized neutral: world Cup for Russian athletes without a flag and anthem

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photobacteria Shubenkov (Russia). Archival photoAuthorized neutral: world Cup for Russian athletes without a flag and anthem© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

World Championships in athletics kicks off on Friday in the British capital. It will make both the current Russian world champion high jumper height Maria Laecken (before marriage Kuchina) and hurdler-Sprinter Sergey Shubenkov. However, neither they nor 17 Russian participants allowed before the start of the world championship, you will not see on the scoreboard next to his name, the white-blue-red tricolor — and you will not hear in case of victory of their national anthem.

Robbed of everything, except honor

Two years ago at the world Championships in Beijing, the Russian team has already performed in some battered form. Rocked the films broadcaster ARD, in which the Russian runner Yulia Stepanova and her husband, a former employee of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA), Vitaliy Stepanov told about the existence of athletics doping system, which involved the leadership of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) and the senior coaching staff. Retired longtime President vfla Valentin Balakhnichev, who has decided, therefore, to take the hit.

And, of course, excluded from the competitions and were exposed to suspensions of athletes. Reached the ridiculous: after went to doping link virtually the entire Russian team in race walking, were found to be the only Walker who deserve to play at the world Cup in Beijing — Alexander Algonkin, not belonging to the Mordovian school of Victor Chegin. But he was removed from the plane to the capital of China — after it found EPO.

But still, the Russian team played in the world Cup 2015 under its flag. And over the Olympic stadium «bird’s nest» twice sounded the national anthem of Russia — after a brilliant victory then still Maria Kuchina in the high jump and Sergey Shubenkov in run on 110 meters with barriers. The Russians won two other medals — bronze by the efforts of Anne of Chicherova (high jump) and silver Denis Kudryavtsev (run on 400 metres with barriers). And few could imagine then that less than three months Russian flag and the national anthem will be «banned» in the athletic arenas of the world — however, as are the Russian athletes. Well, in that return will take so much time, the more unlikely someone two years ago believed.

In fact, this return has not yet taken place. On Thursday, the Congress of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) voted to extend the temporary suspension of wfla. That is, to act as a team the Russian team in international competition still can’t. The same 19 of the Russians, which the IAAF has approved individual applications for admission to competitions under the auspices of the organization, was in the starting protocols by the abbreviation ANA, which means «authorized neutral athletes». Opposite their names on the scoreboard will be displayed white rectangle, and in case of their victory over the stadium will play the hymn of IAAF.

It’s not all the conventions associated with the concept of «authorized neutral athlete.» It applied a set of rules of conduct, which boils down essentially to one thing: to ban the mention of the world championship of Russia as a country. Form should not contain the national colors, forbidden hair, makeup, tattoos and other accessories with their elements, the national anthem can’t be sung in any form (even on mobile) not that the stadium is in the hotel.

And yet all the national symbols of the Russian athletes deny, no one can. Left Russian nature, Russian spirit and Russian honor. They should remind the world in London, from which country they came from, these 19 people.

Gold close

Both current world Champions — or rather, the champion and the champion Shubenkov and Laecken, will speak in London. And the likelihood that they will be able to defend his title, is quite large. But if to speak about chances Laecken, they almost certainly. Since the first start on the stage of the Diamond League in Eugene in late may, Maria never lost a tournament. Again and again she overcame the height of two meters, her best result is 2.06, and the two tournaments the jumper tried to storm a world record.

However, hang on the neck Laecken gold medal in advance is not necessary though, because the jump — this kind of athletics in which psychology plays almost the highest value. Yes, coach Mary Gennady Gabrielian has created a system of training in which the consciousness is close to to give way to the subconscious. But, corny as it may sound, Laecken too. And anything can happen.

Moreover, examples such was — including with the participation of Mary. The most striking of those that can recall, is associated with the famous Croatian Blanka Vlasic, which was considered the absolute favorite for the Olympic games in Beijing. And at the highest level eventually rose high jumper named TIA, Alleba that not everyone will remember.

And here. The favorite, of course, is Laecken, but among its rivals enough to those who can catch courage. Lithuanian Irene will Palsite this season also has a jump over two meters (2,01). And then there’s the Spaniard Ruth Beitia, Licwinko, Kamila from Poland, German Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, American Shante Lowe, Italian Alessia Trost and another Russian Irina Gordeeva — all of them were overcome at different times of the psychologically important six-foot barrier, although this season they are a little worse.

As for Shubenkov, then he started visibly at least — and the first launch of the world champion, it is worth Recalling, was disrupted because of the slowness of the American Embassy, not issuing him a visa on time. But according to tradition, from the results regarding average moved to elite. His best time this season — of 13.01 seconds. I run faster only Omar McLeod of Jamaica (12,90).

The difference is 0.11 seconds for this distance, you seem to think is significant. But here we must remember this: the rating-sheet of the season based on one-day competitions. And Shubenkov is a great master to produce a result in competitions, which take place in several stages (first round, semifinals and finals). Actually, this is manifested brilliantly two years ago in Beijing, when the main rivals to Russian «wahlstroms» ahead of time, but Shubenkov has managed to gather strength and courage in a time when it is most needed.

New hope

In several disciplines Russians have medal chances — and, with luck and a chance at the gold. So, in the decathlon will compete for the podium Ilya Korenev that two years ago in Beijing, was fourth. But then spoke the inimitable American Ashton Eaton, compete with which no one could. Now Ethan’s not — it ended his career. And canadian Damian Warner and German Rico Freimut, which the Russian lost on the world Cup 2015, to deal is quite possible. As evidenced by the top sheet of the season, which is second Scorenew.

In walking 20 kilometers for men after the well-known sad events in Russia there is no such bench as before. Then disqualified for life now Viktor Chegin took out his deck all new jokers. Now our team will have only one representative in the men’s race walk at the world Championships — Sergey Shirobokov. But to compete with the traditionally strong Chinese and Japanese he could.

The representative of the Russian view of the world Championships — hammer throw men. However, the amount of gold as a to grow will be difficult, because in this discipline is soryany favorite pole Paul Fidak, which owns nine of the farthest throws of the season. But the Russian Valeriy Pronkin, steadily progressing and improving your personal best can compete for silver or bronze. Harder it will make to Sergey Litvinov and Alexey Sokirka, the best results of the season which is somewhat behind the level in 80 metres, at the level of which, most likely, will be fighting for the medals.

Very good prospects look to be on the podium Danil Lysenko, 20-year-old high jumper this season, with the result of 2.34 meters. The Qatari mu’taz Essa Barsim of 2.38 conquered, but knowing the instability of the athlete, especially at major competitions, we can say that it means nothing. Olympic champion from Canada Derek Drouhin and world champion in 2015 Ukrainian Bohdan Bondarenko so far this season «in ambush,» and fear not need more of these rivals. The second Russian in this discipline, Ilya much Ivanyuk with the best result of the season of 2.31 to fight for medals will be more difficult.

Finally, one more jump discipline can bring the Russians a medal. World champion 2013 Alexander Menkov scored this season good form, his best result of 8.32 meters. It is only two centimeters less than the potential, the bronze medal winner (for top sheet), Tyrone Smith of Bermuda. The favorite in this discipline, teaching and educational Association Manyonga from South Africa with a very good best result of the season in the world (8,65).

Authorized neutral: world Cup for Russian athletes without a flag and anthem© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in totalantivirus called the goal of the Russian team at the next three Olympiades three Russians for successful performance can be credited in the final. Neither Ilya Mudrov (pole vault), nor Alexander Forest (shot put), nor Victor Butenko (discus) are not included in the world top 12 with his best results of the season. In a final contest, it is worth Recalling, is taken exactly a dozen.

When beauty is not omnipotent

Hopping discipline traditionally carry hope for Russian fans and women. In addition Laecken can achieve success and European champion outdoors and indoors in the pole vault Anzhelika Sidorova. However, the results are slightly inferior to those of the strongest rivals — the Greek Ekaterini, Stefanidi and American, sandy Morris and Jennifer sur, but the gap is not so critical that it was impossible to speak about chances. And «bagel» in the recent championship of Russia should not mislead — it was, in fact, training starts. Will perform in London and another Russian vaulter Olga Mullin.

In the long jump, as always, great attention will be focused on the Russian woman Daria Kishineu, despite the fact that the favorites objectively it is not listed. The reason can be described in one household term: beauty — terrible force. Alas, for the medals this beauty to compete Daria won’t allow it. Would be good to add another jump over seven meters and it has Kishineu long gone. But there have Serbian Ivana Spanovich and Americans Brittney Reese and Tianna of Bartoletti.

Authorized neutral: world Cup for Russian athletes without a flag and anthem© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in фотобанкIAAF doesn’t want to be a pioneer of lifting the sanctions against Russia, said Muttonchops, two athletes from Russia, who will perform at the world Cup, for medals, according to the best results of the season, will compete hard, but the surprise cannot be ruled out. Vera Rebrik spear flying this summer isn’t very far, but if you fly it with a personal record (67,30) — a possible medal. Well, 21-year-old Claudia Afanasyev (walking), won two weeks ago the youth European championship, with a bit of luck is able to compete with three Chinese women, aimed at the conquest of the pedestal.

If to speak about important events at this world Cup, not associated with the Russian athletes, then there will be two. This is a farewell speech in the big sports eight-time Olympic champion from Jamaica, Usain Bolt and four-time Olympic champion Briton Mo Lights that last attempt to do a Golden double at the distances 5000 and 10000 metres.

On the first day of the tournament will be the winner in one discipline — in run on 10000 meters for men. The main favorite was the Spotlight, a local hero whose victory five years ago on the treadmill at the Olympic stadium many of those who will come on Friday on the rostrum, will remember.

The Russians will perform in the qualifying competitions of the three disciplines. Victor Butenko will compete for the finals of the tournament discus thrower, Alexander Menkov — jumpers in length and Anzhelika Sidorova Olga Mullin of jumpers with a pole.

The world Cup will be held from 4 to 13 August. It will be played on 48 sets of medals.