Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia

© Photo : CitroenАвтомобиль Citroen C5 AircrossDoes not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : Citroen

Autumn in Russia for the first time brought frame SUV Toyota Fortuner. Apart from him, we will begin to supply Chinese SUV Lifan Myway rear-wheel-drive. And Suzuki ponders the supply crossover Ignis and Baleno hatchback. The decision is likely to be positive. RIA news decided to find out what other machines could appear in Russia and enjoyed good demand.

Hyundai HB20X

According to the analytical Agency «AUTOSTAT», in the first half of 2017, the crossovers became the most popular class of vehicles in Russia, occupying 41% of the market. Sales of models of class B, in the lead the last years, decreased to 40%. The potential of the SUV is a sin not to implement, Hyundai got some models that could be demanded from the Russians.

© Photo : HyundaiАвтомобиль Hyundai HB20XDoes not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : HyundaiАвтомобиль Hyundai HB20X

One of these could be a compact crossover HB20X. In its name the phrase encrypted Hyundai Brasil: this model was created specifically for the Brazilian market on the basis of the hatchback HB20. In Latin America, front-wheel drive SUV is equipped with 1.0 litre Kappa petrol engine in the atmospheric and turbo versions, but we would be much preferable to the third engine — Gamma 1.6-liter, is familiar to owners of the first generation of Hyundai Solaris and third-generation Kia Rio.

Citroen C5 Aircross and C3 Aircross

Understanding the importance of the crossover segment, the brand Citroen in 2017 showed two models of this class: the Citroen C5 and Aircross C3 Aircross.

© Photo : Citroen Citroen C3 Aircross Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : Citroen Citroen C3 Aircross

Senior fellow C5 Aircross promises unsurpassed comfort of movement thanks to shock absorbers with a «progressive hydraulic cushions». The French even dare to compare the smoothness of motion with the flight of the flying carpet. Younger, C3 Aircross, earlier sold only in Latin America, but the new generation has chosen Chinese and European dealers. However, in Russia, neither the one nor the other is not yet sold. Rumor has it that the C3 Aircross will still ship to Russia, which can spur sales of the brand: Russian dealers of Citroen now sell one sedan, two van heel and van.

Nissan Kicks

Especially for the countries of Latin and Central America, Nissan has created a model of Kicks. For its size it is slightly smaller Qashqai, but put on a simple platform of hatchback Micra and include poorer, and therefore much more accessible. However, the budget crossover proved so popular that the Japanese made the decision to establish its production in China. And the future plans of the automaker — promotion model in India and Southeast Asia.

© Photo : Nissan Kicks NissanАвтомобиль Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : Nissan Kicks NissanАвтомобиль

Alas, about Russia no word yet. Of course, we have the Nissan Kicks could achieve the same popularity, and the ocean, but instead, our market has returned more compact Juke. And thanks for that.

Chery Tiggo 7

Cars, Chinese cars Chery, we have more popular models of Citroen, Peugeot, Suzuki and Honda. However, in a portfolio of dealers brand from China a total of three models, and all crossovers. Guided by simple arithmetic, it is already sold in our country 2 Tiggo, Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5 is sure to add Tiggo 7.

© Photo : Chery Chery Tiggo 7 Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : Chery Chery Tiggo 7

About a year ago there were rumors that the Chinese will put the car on the Russian market, but so far this has not happened. Then was announced the crossover Tiggo 9, however, this Chery exists only on paper — production model has not been seen.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Italian brand has tried several times to go to the Russian market, but this year again left it: according to the Association of European businesses (AEB) in 2017 was not sold a single machine. However, at the end of last year something has changed dramatically: from Alfa Romeo appeared first in the history of the crossover.

© Photo : Alfa RomeoАвтомобиль Stelvio Alfa Romeo QuadrifoglioDoes not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : Alfa RomeoАвтомобиль Stelvio Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

Crossover F-Pace has raised the sales of Jaguar 67%, crossover Bentayga overshadowed all other Bentley models, Lamborghini Urus crossover… Oh Yes, he hasn’t shown up yet, but the Russians have already made about 40 orders for this model. Alfa Romeo Stelvio is only gaining momentum, but he immediately started with the «charged» version of the Quadrifoglio from 2.9-liter turbocharged engine producing 510 HP and 600 Nm. Such a «hot» machine would suit the tastes of wealthy Russians.

Kia K2 Cross and Pegas

To raise ground clearance, install the plastic protective body kit, install the roof rails and add decorative elements inside and out. These are the rules of hatchbacks and station wagons are created of all-terrain version of the car. Crossover Kia K2 Cross followed them perfectly, and therefore has 15 millimeters higher than K2 sedan, which in Russia is known under the name Rio. The Internet is already emerging the first spy photos of the mysterious model in camouflage, which is called the Russian version of the Rio Cross, and then she can go to the Russian dealers.

© Photo : KIA motors Kia K2 Rusavtosbyt Cross Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : KIA motors Kia K2 Rusavtosbyt Cross

But what is expected is sedan Pegas, the prototype of which was shown at the Shanghai motor show. It has been dubbed the budget alternative to Rio, a priori, that promises popularity and huge sales. But the Russian representation of Kia is not up to him.

Honda WR-V BR-V

Affairs of the company Honda in Russia are neither good nor bad. From the variety of models of the Japanese brand we have sold only two crossover CR-V and Pilot. On the other hand, if the SUV was the most popular, why not add a couple more? For example, WR-V and BR-V.

© Photo : Honda HondaАвтомобиль WR-V Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : Honda HondaАвтомобиль WR-V

Honda WR-V created just for emerging economies like Brazil and India. It is affordable and compact, equipped with economical engines and would be much more attractive to the buyer than the expensive CR-V. the Honda BR-V is built on a similar principle, but is sold in Asian countries. We could’ve gone to any.

Toyota CH-R

New compact crossover Toyota CH-R was put into production in late 2016. In addition to Japan, sales of the model began in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. This model is a step below the popular RAV4 in Russia, and whether we have it, certainly would have attracted the attention of fans of the brand. Miracles happen sometimes, and CH-R still has a chance to get into Russia.

© Photo : ToyotaАвтомобиль Toyota C-HR Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : ToyotaАвтомобиль Toyota C-HR

This is evidenced by the type approval of the vehicle (transport vehicle type approval) issued by a Japanese company and posted on the website of Rosstandart. It says that the CH-R will be powered by a 1.2-litre petrol turbocharged engine capacity of 116 HP and 2.0-liter 148-horsepower unit. In the first case the crossover will be front-wheel drive, and the second with all-wheel drive. However, while official reports from Toyota on this point. But not just as they received the cu Tr?

Datsun GO-Cross

The revived Datsun brand in the country is represented by two models: sedan and hatchback. However, in other countries, particularly in India, there are minivans and all-terrain version of like GO-Cross.

© Photo : DatsunАвтомобиль Datsun GO CrossDoes not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : DatsunАвтомобиль Datsun GO-Cross

Given the availability of cars of the Japanese brand, the crossover would also be cheaper than many of its competitors. The feature of Datsun is that for each market created their own models in Russia, for example, was based on the Lada Granta. Create hatchback terrain is not too difficult (see rules above), but somehow still the Japanese did not.

Mazda CX-3 and CX-4

Mazda company does not lag behind global trends: in the Arsenal of the brand in recent years, there are two new crossover — compact CX-3 and CX kupeobrazny-4. The first is built on the basis of a hatchback Mazda2 and, in fact, is its crossover version. The second shares a platform with the model CX-5 (produced in the far East of Russia), but done in a fashionable at present the style of an SUV with the silhouette of a coupe.

© Photo : MazdaАвтомобиль Mazda CX-4 Does not reach machines that most expect in Russia© Photo : MazdaАвтомобиль Mazda CX-4

According to AEB, Mazda CX-5 is included in the list of 25 most sold models (though is in last place). If the Japanese decided to bring us at least one of these crossovers, and even better — to start production of the CX-4 at the Russian plant, fans and owners of cars of Japanese brand could significantly increase.