In Buryatia in the reserve and national Park forests burning

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova. Archival photoIn Buryatia in the reserve and national Park forests burning© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

Forest burn in the Baikal national Park, Barguzin nature reserve in Buryatia, the press service of Republican forestry Agency.

A day in the region was extinguished nine fires on 60 acres.

«At 0.00 on August 4, in Buryatia, there is work underway to extinguish 15 fires on the area about 400 hectares in the Barguzin, bauntovskiy, bichurskiy, eravninskiy, kubanska, the Baikal, North Baikal districts. Of these, 11 lesions continues to act», — stated in the message.

«In particular, continue to operate two centers in the territory of the Zabaikalsky national Park, also a new focus for the day was discovered in the Barguzin reserve. Continues to operate a large forest fire in Pribaikalsky district. And 4 of the hearth is localized,» — said the press service.

As of Thursday, the fighting worked 635 and 113 pieces of equipment.

On Thursday, in the Baikal district of Buryatia introduced a state of emergency because of complications with the wildfire situation. Throughout the region continues to operate special fire mode.