Puchkov instructed to fall to provide housing for victims of fires near Krasnoyarsk

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The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov instructed by the beginning of September to provide housing for all affected by the may fires in the Krasnoyarsk territory and ensure the development of the entire infrastructure.

«We decided that by early September the construction or purchase of housing will be completed, and until the end of September should be completed all of the acceptance Committee, taking into account all the flaws,» said Puchkov at the meeting of the working group of the Commission on emergency situations in Krasnoyarsk.

He stressed that it is also necessary to fully ensure the improvement and development of all socially significant infrastructure.

«In the village of Arrow we will renovate a kindergarten who is nearby and who is MOE fighters defended in difficult conditions», — said Puchkov.

The Minister said that all 606 victims have received financial assistance for 10 thousand rubles, and compensation for the loss of property of 100 thousand rubles.

In turn, first Deputy Governor of Krasnoyarsk territory Viktor Tomenko noted that all the government of the Russian Federation financial assets 66.6 million roubles was paid to the victims.

According to him, all the families of the victims paid financial means from the regional budget, and every victim provided a one-time financial assistance. From the budget of Krasnoyarsk region and allocated the finances for the construction, acquisition and major repairs of the housing stock.

Tomenko said that to provide housing for needy families at the expense of the regional budget the construction of 41 single-family houses in the village of Strelka, completing the construction of 60-apartment house in Kansk, are in the process of matching documents to the purchase on the secondary market 24 residential premises in Lesosibirsk.

«In two settlements the provision of housing to victims of solved. Newly constructed housing already provided 12 families Birilyussy district. Another 13 families in Nizhneingashskiy area relocated to the renovated municipal housing,» he said.

Large fires occurred on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region on may 24. Then in four villages fire destroyed 134 houses, which were home to 205 families.