Putin on the lake visited the exhibition, dedicated to lake

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the airport Baikal, Ulan-UdePutin on the lake visited the exhibition, dedicated to lake© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday in Buryatia toured the tourist center of Baikal state natural biosphere reserve and had a short conversation with the volunteers.

Interactive exhibition «People on lake Baikal» located in several areas of the visitor centre, standing on the shore of the lake. In the first room tells the history of settlement and human activities on lake Baikal — from 25 thousand years ago, when people came to this region, to the XXI century. Several separate stands dedicated to the fight against poaching, the study of lake Baikal, the history of nature conservation in Russia in General and in this region in particular, pollution of lakes, etc.

After seeing the exhibition, Putin briefly spoke with volunteers from the organization «Great Baikal trail» involved in the creation of ecological paths for tourists in the Baikal region.

Another hall, which was attended by the President about unique animals that live on the Baikal natural territory: here are exhibited plastic models of Baikal animals, fish and birds, there is a short information about them and about the biodiversity of lake Baikal as a whole. The President also looked to set up here a virtual binoculars through which you can see pictures of different sites of lake Baikal.

Baikal nature reserve in 2010 was among model territories for development of tourism. Most of the eco-trails on its territory starts from the Central administrative building of the reserve in the village of Tankhoi, which is located along the Federal highway M55 and Railways, which makes it easy to reach it both from the side of Irkutsk, and Ulan-Ude. The new visitor centre «Baikal nature reserve» in Tahoe was built with funds of the Federal target program of protection of lake Baikal and socio-economic development of this natural area.

After visiting the visitor centre, Putin went to the meeting devoted to questions of ecological development of the Baikal natural territory. Later on Friday the President will also hold a meeting on liquidation of consequences of forest fires in Buryatia and Irkutsk region.

The Baikal nature reserve

The Baikal state nature biosphere reserve occupies the Central section of the mountain range Khamar-Daban, stretching along the southern coast of lake Baikal. The Northern boundary of the reserve is very close to the lake, the boundaries of the protected area are mainly the valleys of several rivers. The total area of the reserve is more of 167.8 thousand hectares, and the length of the border, about 200 km around the perimeter of the reserve covers a closed ring of the buffer zone with an area of almost 35 thousand hectares.

In the territories of the Baikal reserve and Federal reserves «Altayskogo» and «Kabansky» there are 360 species of vertebrates, of which 49 are rare in Buryatia, and 18 are listed in the Red book of Russia. Of these 1279 species of higher plants 76 included in the Red book of Buryatia and 20 — in the Red book of Russia. Baikal nature reserve was established to preserve and study the natural course of natural processes and the genetic Fund of plants and animals, typical and unique ecosystems of the Central part of the southern Baikal region.

The resolution of the government of the Russian Federation on the establishment of the state reserve «Baikal» was signed in 1969, in 1985, under his protection were transferred to land Federal nature reserve Kabanskiy, covering an area of more than 12.2 thousand hectares in the Delta of the Selenga river. In 2011, Baikal state reserve was also charged with the protection of goszakaznik Federal significance «Altacheisky». Currently the reserve and the reserve Kabanskiy entirely included in the UNESCO world natural heritage «Lake Baikal».