Thailand issued an ultimatum to providers to Facebook and Youtube

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in fotobounce in Bangkok. Thailand. Archival photoThailand issued an ultimatum to providers to Facebook and Youtube© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

Thai authorities issued an ultimatum to the local providers of the international social networking: until Monday, they are required to withdraw page is recognized as containing illegal content by decision of the Thai courts, wrote in Friday’s Bangkok Post.

If pages with illegal content will not be withdrawn, Thai providers Youtube, Facebook and other social networks threatened a prosecution and, potentially, termination of the license.

Most pages are declared illegal, contain content in violation of Thailand’s law on lese Majesty, which any insult members of the Royal family is punishable by imprisonment up to 15 years per count. These pages is most often placed on foreign servers of the social networks figures of the Thai exile and are not directly linked with local providers. However, actions against local providers authorities are trying to get situated abroad head offices of companies managing social networks, to block and remove page, illegal from the point of view of Thai law, says the publication.