The main contender for the purchase of Ukrainian «daughter» of Sberbank withdrew the application

© RIA Novostiukraine of Sberbank in Kiev. Archival photoThe main contender for the purchase of Ukrainian «daughter» of Sberbank withdrew the application© RIA Novosti

Investment company Capital VP Belarusian businessman Victor of Protopine decided on its own initiative to withdraw from the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) application for the purchase of Ukrainian «daughter» of Sberbank, said in a message posted on the website of VP Capital.

«We have decided to withdraw from NBU application for the purchase of Ukrainian PJSC «Sberbank» in order to focus on our other planned investments and projects on which we work,» reads the statement, which highlighted that the application was withdrawn, on its own initiative of the company.

«After a thorough analysis we decided that the projects in the field of artificial intelligence that deals with VP Capital are the best use of our time,» says the company.

It is obvious that the acquisition division of an international Bank is an incredibly complex process requiring a large number of time resources to continue in VP Capital. «We continue to believe that today the «savings Bank of Ukraine» — is a great investment opportunity, but we decided to focus on other projects», — summed up in the investment company.

The prior owner VP Capital Victor Prokopenya, which, according to Belarusian estimates of the business press, is included in the list of the 25 most influential businesspeople of Belarus, told RIA Novosti that he intends to acquire Belarusian Paritetbank for further purchase of their Ukrainian «daughter» of Sberbank.

The company believes that the Ukrainian «daughter» of Sberbank in front of a beautiful future: «it is a strong company with excellent infrastructure and great prospects.» While Paritetbank remains the property of its current owner — the Republic of Belarus, the statement said.