Trump does not intend to dismiss spectacular at «Russian business»

© AFP 2017 / Saul LoebПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump does not intend to dismiss spectacular at «Russian business»© 2017 AFP / Saul Loeb

The lawyer of the President of the United States J. Sekulow said that Donald trump does not intend to dismiss spectacular in the case of the so-called «Russian intervention» by Robert Muller.

Previously US senators from both parties introduced in the Senate two bills that would forbid the President to fire Muller.

«The President doesn’t think the dismissal of Bob Mueller, so speculation about it is simply incorrect,» said Sekulow the TV channel Fox News.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing familiar with the situation sources wrote that Mueller had convened a Grand jury, which may indicate a significant intensification of the investigation of «Russian intervention» in U.S. elections.

According to Sekulow, convening the Grand jury does not mean that trump himself is under investigation of the special Committee. He expressed the hope that now the investigation will be expedited and not «last few years».

Special big jury allow investigators to serve subpoenas for documents, to swear in witnesses and to demand charges. The activities of such jury before the arraignment held without the participation of the judges or the defendants, the discussion process is kept secret.

The Grand jury began to work with the ad hoc Committee Muller in recent weeks. Publishing interlocutors believe that his creation is evidence of the growing intensity of the investigation or the entry into a new phase. The publication suggests that the work of spectracolor will last at least another few months.