Trump will be going on vacation at the time of repair air conditioners in the White house

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The US President Donald trump on Friday in the «working holiday» for two weeks, while in the West wing of the White house will repair the air conditioning, told reporters, Deputy press Secretary of the White house Lindsey Walters.

Walters said that the plan of repair approved by the previous administration of Barack Obama.

According to her, the President will travel to owned Golf resort in Bedminster, new Jersey. «He will travel to Bedminster in «working vacation,» Walters said. Employees of the West wing for two weeks will be relocated adjacent to the White house the building where part of the White house.

«The system of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning (the West wing) 27 years, but because of round-the-clock use throughout the year, the estimated relative age of the system is 81 years old,» explained Walters.

In addition, will be repaired to the South portico and on the lawn of the White house, which did not renew 64 years, as well as in other areas, she said.

Journalists began to ask Walters why trump goes on vacation, even though he urged Congress not to go on vacation and engage in the adoption of the law on health care. Walters said that otherwise could not be, given that without air conditioning in the White house it is impossible to work.

«West wing will be without air conditioning for two weeks, so staff and the President of it go. I don’t think any of you would have liked in the West wing in Washington summer day of August when the temperature is above 100 degrees (Fahrenheit, about 38 degrees Celsius), and no air conditioning,» explained Walters. Washington is in a subtropical zone, summer in the city humid and hot.