US secret service will leave the Trump Tower because of disagreements about the rent

© Photo : Bin im GartenГлавный the entrance to the building is the Trump Tower. Archive photoUS secret service will leave the Trump Tower because of disagreements about the rent© Photo : Bin im Garten

Employees of the U.S. secret service, whose task is personal protection of the President and other top officials will leave their posts owned by Donald Trump skyscraper in new York, said the representative of the company, Trump Organization Amanda Miller.

According to Miller, the departure of Secret service agents from the tower the Trump Tower is associated with the terms of the lease of premises in the skyscraper.

«After much deliberation, we came to a mutual agreement that will be more effective from the point of view prices and more practical from a logistical perspective, if the Secret service leases space in another place», — quotes Miller the Washington Post.

The details of the differences associated with renting working space in the skyscraper, were not disclosed.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. government pays more than 130 thousand dollars a month for rent in a skyscraper Trump Tower for the military administration, which supports the White house in various functions, including services in the field of nutrition, medicine, transport, communication, and ensures the presence of the commander-in-chief during the travel of the nuclear suitcase device for actuating of a nuclear Arsenal.

As noted by the newspaper, the cost of rent for the premises significantly exceeds the typical rental rate for similar space, making it one of the most expensive real estate in Manhattan.