A court in India recognized spiritual leader guilty of rape

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Basebaord Mumbai, India. Archival photoA court in India recognized spiritual leader guilty of rape© RIA Novosti / Eugene Bezeq

The court of the Indian city of panchkula, the acknowledged influential spiritual leader Garmite Rama Rahim Singh guilty of the rape of the world, the Agency ANI.

The court issued a guilty verdict, the punishment will be announced on August 28. RAM Rahim was taken into custody by the Haryana police in the court building.

Waiting for the verdict of hundreds of thousands of followers of Rama Rahim began to take to the streets of the cities of Haryana. Authorities stepped up security measures to ensure the order was attracted tens of thousands of police officers, the army was also alerted in the event of unrest. In the morning the motorcade Rama Rahim from the hundreds of cars went from Sirsi in Panchkula, where in the afternoon held a meeting. Yourself RAM Rahim appealed to the followers with video messages, asked them to remain calm.

At the moment of the riots or clashes were reported.

RAM Rahim is accused of rape on two counts. The case against spiritual leader was launched in 2002 after the authorities and the media received an anonymous letter from a follower who accused him of rape and reported on other such cases. Investigators were able to find two followers, who had personally put forward similar accusations. In addition to that, RAM Rahim is accused of forced castration of 400 men under the pretext that it «will make them closer to God.»

Spiritual community «Dera Sacha Sudra» was founded in 1948 and is based in Sirsa, Haryana, having subdivisions and followers, according to media reports, about 50 million in different regions of India and several countries of the world. Gurmit RAM Rahim Singh led the community in 1990, but in 2015 also produces its own films and starred in them, positioning himself as a filmmaker. Over the years, the RAM Rahim which followers believe «Holy», has gained considerable influence in the country. So, in the 2015 edition of the Indian Express included it in the list of the most influential people in India.