«A rare example of intelligent action»: foreigners about the movie Konchalovsky

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in fotomancer film by Andrei Konchalovsky at the Venice film festival«A rare example of intelligent action»: foreigners about the movie Konchalovsky© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Tecnocovering the image Bank

One of the most famous and titled Russian filmmakers Andrei Konchalovsky, is 80 years old. During his long career he made over 30 films, winning seems to be all the possible awards in the movie industry.

Konchalovsky is actively working. Did not have time to fall silent enthusiasm about his painting «Paradise» in 2016, as the Director has announced the imminent start of filming of the movie «Monster»: the legend of the Italian Renaissance — Michelangelo. This year, Konchalovsky also scored first own course in GITIS.

Its anniversary, the Director said with his family in Italy. A man of peace, he is well known in Europe and the United States, where he spent almost 10 years from early 1980s to early 1990s Konchalovsky, probably the only domestic filmmaker, which in the Western textbooks written by the «Soviet-American Director». He Konchalovsky considers that today Russian cinema is not worth chasing Hollywood.

«Unreachable (Hollywood. — Approx. ed.) and thank God! Now we began to approach him, and now we have also a picture where you can eat the popcorn all loud rumbles, the stories are interesting, enticing, and there is no smell — as strawberries in California,» said the Director in an interview to RIA Novosti.

The films of his American period have become classics of English movie. RIA Novosti has collected the opinions of foreign audiences about the iconic paintings Konchalovsky.

«Maria’s Lovers», 1983

«A masterpiece of American cinema and perhaps the greatest film ever made. A blend of pure magnetism Stallone and dominant stage presence of Kurt Russell created a work level to which everyone should aspire film. In General this picture — the main achievement of Stallone and Russell and the entire Hollywood film industry», — said the commentator from The USA Gebrah.

«Director Andrei Konchalovsky sustains throughout the film’s dizzying pace. No dull moments, the energy is not reduced even for a second. The chemistry between Stallone and Russell is fantastic. Humor is perceived naturally,» writes Maziun from Poland.

«Despite the fact that Hollywood met the Director Andrei Konchalovsky not very welcome (it was removed in the latter stages of the shooting process and was replaced by albert Magnoli), he showed real drive in this unusual film, making every action scene explosive with attractive cinematic techniques,» shares morrison-dylan-fan from the UK.