Acting head of Adygeya will have a meeting with talented youth on the camping trip

© Fotolia / Arestov AndrewДом of the government of the Republic of Adygeya, Maykop. Archival photoActing head of Adygeya will have a meeting with talented youth on the camping trip© Fotolia / Arestov Andrew

Annual meeting of the leadership of Adygea with talented youth this year began in an informal atmosphere on Friday, more than 180 young people from all municipalities of the Republic came in a three-day camping trip to mount Fisht, together with the acting head of Adygeya Murat by Koumpilova.

«To hold a meeting in the mountains of the Republic decided to promote healthy lifestyles, environmental and sports tourism, attracting attention to the environment conservation in the framework of the Year of ecology. To participate in the campaign, each municipality chose physically prepared young people aged 17 to 22 years, who have proven themselves in various fields. The Fisht they went in separate groups under the leadership of heads of municipalities», — told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the Executive authorities of the region.

During the day participants will hike about 11.5 kilometers through Guzeriple and Armenian passes through the most beautiful places of the Caucasian biosphere reserve, which annually attracts large number of tourists. End point of the route — shelter «Fisht», where after construction the participants of the rally will gather on the meadow near the fire. Here, in conversation with Comprovam young people can discuss topics that concern them, ask questions and representatives of municipal authorities, to share their initiatives.

Also in the program of the gathering — a campaign on small Fisht glacier under the guidance of experienced instructors, sports competitions, competition of Patriotic songs in honor of great Patriotic war soldiers who died on those passes in 1942-1943.