Brilliant-defective brain, or What was sick prototype rain Man

CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO / Dmadeo / American with a phenomenal memory Kim PicBrilliant-defective brain, or What was sick prototype rain ManCC BY-SA 3.0 IGO / Dmadeo /

After the screens out the film «rain Man,» many have learned how to look autistic, one of which is ably played by actor Dustin Hoffman. But not all know that his character was a real person named Kim Peak. He was a real «megaeventos», that is, vividly illustrated the behavior of a person with savant (from the French. savant — «the scientist»). Savant syndrome — a condition in which persons with developmental disabilities (including autism) are «island of genius»: extraordinary ability in one or more areas of expertise.

Kim Rush learned to read in a year and a half, and at seven knew by heart the Bible. Read a book from the shelf he put the pages ahead, no more to return to it.

He knew all long-distance telephone codes and zip codes USA, kept in mind the maps of all the cities of America, he was acquainted with hundreds of classical music pieces. Kim has developed a special technique reading: right eye he read the page right, left — left. In total, the reading of one standard book turn he took about 8-10 seconds, while Kim was still, as is the text concerning him.

When scientists began to study his brain, it became clear that there is no corpus callosum, which is responsible for communication between the two hemispheres. In addition, there was no connecting Komissar that, in the case of «failure» of the corpus callosum, take over its functions.

Thus, in one experiment, the patient showed normal subjects, among which suddenly appeared the image of a naked girl. When the image presented to the left hemisphere, the patient, the woman smiled and gave the correct verbal response. The demonstration of this same image right hemisphere is Paicandu replied that I saw nothing, but continued to smile and giggle. Thus, the right hemisphere could not «describe» what he saw, but emotionally «react» in the same way as the left hemisphere (research of Michael Gazzaniga, 1999).

We can assume that people born without the corpus callosum, and what was Kim Peak, somehow develop back channels of communication between the hemispheres. Perhaps this helped his brain to work as one giant hemisphere, combining under one «roof» function, which normally are separated. If this assumption is true, then some of their talents Kim owes this anomaly.

Says Viktor Tarabukhin: «currently, the scientists found approaches to recover the corpus callosum. That is to get the neurons lost as a result of genetic defect, the ability to form the corpus callosum, again to do it. However, while this technology has been tested only on mice and rats. It is theoretically possible to imagine that a man ever can «start» this process, in utero, in the early stages of development. But will allowed this genetic manipulation of human embryo, I don’t know.»