«Brutal and bloodthirsty democracy»: how the United States is losing key allies in Asia

© AP Photo / Heng SinithКоролевские air force Cambodia«Brutal and bloodthirsty democracy»: how the United States is losing key allies in Asia© AP Photo / Heng Sinith

After the spat with the Philippines, the US has added another sharp critic in South East Asia. The government of Cambodia accused America of «brutal and murderous» policies and «intervention in the Affairs of others». The conflict associated with the assistance that Washington provides Cambodian opposition before the election. The plans of the United States to prevent the Union between Cambodia and China.

To choose between China and the United States

The relations of Cambodia and the United States is rapidly deteriorating throughout 2017, as the approaching national elections scheduled for June next year. Cambodian officials believe that Washington is betting on the opposition «the national salvation Party», which enjoys significant support in urban areas. The municipal elections held a few months earlier, brought success to the opponents of the current government. However, the majority of the voters of Cambodia lives in rural areas, where support for the heir to the former Communist party of Prime Minister Hun sen.

Suddenly, a sharp transition from words to deeds in the relations between Cambodia and the United States — the result of a combination of internal problems with the tense foreign policy situation. After the election Donald trump for President of the United States U.S.-China relations are going through hard times. Washington is considering economic sanctions against Beijing, and American planes for surveillance flights over the Islands of the Spratly archipelago, which China considers part of its territory. In this perspective, Cambodia and its leader will inevitably have to make a choice.

According to the head of the Center for the study of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, Institute of Oriental studies Dmitry Mosyakov, «China provides financial assistance to Cambodia, and Hun sen in these conditions is forced to more clearly define its position. To choose US, he can not, because under the constant pressure from this country. This is really the Prime Minister has been in power for more than 30 years, and the United States called his regime polutoralitrovym. However, in Cambodia, elections are held, the ruling party may lose them, and this time in front of a national vote there was a very tense situation».

«Washington is betting on the rise to power in Cambodia, a completely new elite that has complicated relationships with its neighbors. «The national salvation party» gets from Americans grants. Hun sen in his manner of reacting to it. In the two-party system that has evolved in Cambodia, there has been a dead end. The opposition accuses the authorities of manipulating the election, however, and she goes aggravation in any case, using the discontent, not necessarily associated with his own agenda» — the expert concludes.

«To stand on ceremony with US will not»

In conversation with RIA Novosti Director of the ASEAN center at MGIMO Victor Sumsky said that Hun sen sends a signal to the opposition ahead of the elections. «The fact that the relations of Phnom Penh with China are very close and trusting character, is not news. It is difficult to imagine that, preparing such a harsh statement about the political course of the United States, the Cambodian authorities had not discussed their tone and content with the Chinese partners. Americans definitely given to understand that if their wards in Cambodia will be finished before the elections of 2018, some sort of red line, the ceremony of them will not be», — the orientalist.