CBRE in the future may purchase a «Metrium Groups»

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Persperate in photobacteria in Moscow. Archival photoCBRE in the future may purchase a «Metrium Groups»© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Persperate the image Bank

CBRE does not preclude acquisitions in the future of the company «Metrium Groups», reported to journalists the General Director of CBRE Vladimir Pinaev.

On Friday, CBRE and «Metrium Groups» signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of uniting efforts to work on new projects in residential and commercial real estate in the Moscow region.

«In the long term in the strategy at CBRE, if this partnership is successful, we tend to look at the possibility of purchasing the business, with whom we are in partnership relations. And the possible prospect of our partnership appears as the possibility of the Union on the legal platform,» said Pinaev.

«Speech does not go, but all can be,» added co-owner of «Metrium Groups» Maria Litinetskaya.

CBRE Group provides services in consulting and managing investments in commercial real estate. On the Russian market the company operates since 1994 and has more than 400 employees.

«Metrium Groups», founded in 2012, is a brokerage and consulting company in the residential real estate market in the Moscow region. The company’s portfolio consists of 123 projects with a total area of 11.6 million square meters.