Father of dragons in St. Petersburg: Martin talked about the universe of «Game of thrones»

© AP Photo / Charles Uckel-fiction George R. R. Martin. Archival photoFather of dragons in St. Petersburg: Martin talked about the universe of «Game of thrones»© AP Photo / Charles Sykes

American writer, the author of the Saga «a Song of ice and fire», which filmed the popular series «Game of thrones», George Martin told reporters in St. Petersburg’s readiness to be inspired by Russian history, about the main task of the author of fantasy and why killing favourite characters.

Why kill heroes

The organizers of the press conference in advance gave journalists a list of unwanted questions that the writer does not wish to answer. Basically, they dealt with the fate of the long-awaited sixth part of the Saga («winter Wind») and the continuation of the series «Game of thrones». Coach Martin explained that these questions are being asked at each press conference, the author tired to answer them, so the list of questions immediately cited and answers.

To the will of the author of one of the most famous fantasy novels in the world were understanding, especially since other questions at the press conference was enough. First and foremost, George Martin was forced to defend himself against charges of excessive cruelty to favourite characters.

«When the hero is in trouble or danger, I want the reader was scared that he was in suspense, in excitement. I think, the only way to do that is to suddenly kill someone important. Then he will know that you play for real what is the book in which anything can happen and if there is danger, the character may not survive. So I killed Eddard stark,» Martin told reporters.

Eddard stark — the character of the first novel in the cycle Martin and the first season of «Game of thrones». The plot, he was beheaded for treason. Heroes of the cycle are his children — Robb, bran, Arya, Sansa and Jon.

Martin explained that as a teenager, he read books, which, in his opinion, was too predictable. «You start to read the first Chapter and already know what will happen next. Here the hero, now a villain. Hero will be in trouble for some time, but in the end will win. There is no real danger for the hero. I don’t like to read such books. I love books that surprise me, shock, lead me in an unexpected direction, appeal to my emotions, excite me, keep the tension,» explained the writer.

How did Westeros

On the question of what is the source of inspired the writer of the Saga of the great opposition to the peoples of Westeros and the war against the white walkers, Martin still shrugs.

«Certain seeds of the future creation were sown long before that. A great source of inspiration was the story of the war of the Roses, the book «Save the dragon», but the scene about the direwolf pups in the snow, which began the book, I don’t know where they came from,» said the writer.

He said that in 1991, when he worked on the novel «avalon», it was the scene which then became the first head of the future book that opened the series «a Song of ice and fire»: after the execution of the deserter, the warden of the North Eddard stark and his children find six direwolf pups in the snow.

«I don’t understand how to do it, and long kept in mind. Three days did the first Chapter, then realized that it would be in the second Chapter of the Saga… I don’t know where the stories come, they just come and all,» said Martin.

He is convinced that the most important aspects of fantasy is the creation and elaboration of the features of the new world, this tradition dates back to the work of the author «Lord of rings» by Tolkien, who described in detail the world of middle earth.

«When we see a lot of pictures, despite the different techniques of performance, we know what location of the world it depicts: the Shire or Minas Tirith. And these places get their personal life. Including in the mission a writer of fantasy in creating his own worlds,» said Martin.
The writer in each character

The author added that in the «Game of thrones» «there are no people who would live next door, but in every character there is I myself.» «We are different people but our differences are less important than our similarities, we are all driven by the desire of glory, comfort, respect. All of this can be gleaned from himself. I’ve never been a twelve year old girl, a dwarf and a Prince, but the way they felt can be learned from his own soul,» — said Martin.

Now, after the mad success of «Game of thrones» at work on the world of Westeros helps the writer to escape from the hype surrounding their themselves and their works.

«With the popularity of life has become more complicated, now I work with five assistants, but a lot of work. The main way to fight the hype was the work – to compose and write. When I’m out in the world of Westeros, when you start to think about the fate of their characters is the best way to deal with hype and pressure because of popularity», — said the writer.

He added that many theories and hypotheses of fans of the Saga does not affect the creation of books. «I never get on forums and community discussion on the history of «Game of thrones». Don’t want to read theories that could affect the course of my story, and especially didn’t want to read those she had predicted. So try not to draw from the theories of the fans neither knowledge nor inspiration. But to communicate with the fans love,» said Martin.

Hackers can not be afraid

The leak of the script of the episodes of the seventh season of «Game of thrones» will not be a problem for writing, Martin said, commenting on the news that hackers have published online a reference to the internal documents of HBO, which is filming «Game of thrones». In the network appeared the unreleased script by the time of episode and personal correspondence of one of the leaders.

«My work leakage scenario will not affect in any way, I write books, not serials. I don’t understand the panic about leaks: five seasons the plot was known to those who have read the book. The issue of the great art lies not only in plot twists, the question of performance that you feel in this moment. This is the great power of art – you can review and reread. For example, in the novel «War and peace» it does not matter that the reader knows what the outcome of the war with Napoleon,» said Martin.

He added that he is ready to get acquainted with the subjects of Russian history for further processing in his books, if on this subject there are English-language sources.

«In «a Song of ice and fire» there is no Russian influence. I mainly drew inspiration from the history of the war of the roses, the hundred years war. In English so many books on Russian history. If you find it, it is possible that some draw from them for their world,» said Martin.

The writer admitted that in Russia he liked it. «I like it in that measure in what I can see it from your hotel. And yesterday I visited a beautiful castle in Vyborg,» said Martin.

In the nearest plans of the Martin’s visit to the Northern capital – the Hermitage tour and autograph session, where you impatiently wait for the thousands of fans of Westeros, conquer the world and Russia without firing a shot.