Forecasters: hurricane «Harvey» may cause flooding on the coast of Texas

© AP Photo / David J. PhillipЗнак warning on tropical storm Harvey in Houston, USA. 24 August 2017Forecasters: hurricane «Harvey» may cause flooding on the coast of Texas© AP Photo / David J. Phillip

Hurricane «Harvey,» which will fall on the coast of the U.S. state of Texas Friday night, may cause flooding of up to 4 meters, warns the national hurricane center (NHC).

According to forecasters, over the waves and rain, the greatest flooding of 2 to 4 meters above the surface is possible on the coast from Padre island to the village of Sargent.

In areas of the middle and Northern coasts of Texas, heavy rains can cause flooding up to 90 centimeters.

This situation may last for the next few days.

In connection with the approach of the element of the coastal areas are already evacuating tens of thousands of people. In particular, according to the associated Press, in four of the seven districts in the state, authorities reported the need to conduct a full evacuation of the population. In addition, a voluntary evacuation was declared for residents of the city of Corpus Christi located on the Gulf coast.

National centre for the prevention of hurricanes USA (NHC) in Miami reported that hurricane «Harvey» menacing the Eastern seaboard of the United States, increased to the second category. According to meteorologists, the wind speed within the hurricane reaches 160 kilometers per hour. The hurricane is moving Northwest and is expected to reach the coast of Texas near Corpus Christi on Friday night. It can worsen to the third category.

Potentially «Harvey» may be the most powerful hurricane in the U.S. over the past 12 years, since the country in 2005 was hit by the storm Katrina, which virtually destroyed the city of New Orleans.