In Crimea, the arc ended Koktebel Jazz Party 2017

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria at the festival Koktebel Jazz Party 2017In Crimea, the arc ended Koktebel Jazz Party 2017© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

. A Grand salute in Koktebel concluded the anniversary season of jazz in the Crimea. International festival, attended by Black sea jazz performers from Germany, USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Korea, Russia and other countries, has become a significant event for jazz lovers in the world. Closing the festival was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President welcomed the participants and thanked the organizers of the festival, noting that over the 15 years of its existence it made about half a hundred of the world’s leading jazz bands.

«Music is a language that needs no translation and unites people,» — Putin said and went into the hall to listen to music.

Closing the festival, its founder, journalist Dmitry Kiselyov said: «In those days was an unusual 15th jazz festival, absolutely the brightest. Here, in Koktebel, we claim a high musical standard. And I’m glad we are Grammy award winners and national jazz musicians».

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The festival was very popular with international and Russian participants: they warmly welcomed the guests and residents of the Crimean Koktebel.

The headliner of the last day of the festival was the legendary American jazz pianist, composer and bandleader, Eddie Palmieri.

«I got ten Grammy awards, but to receive the prize of spectator sympathies at a festival is a huge honor. Crimea we loved, we attach great importance to our speech. We fell in love with this place. This is an important award, and I am sure that I will win,» said Eddie Palmieri.

The last day of the festival also gathered on the Main stage famous masters of jazz: musicians from Brazil, Sweden and Russia as part of a virtuoso team Brazil All Stars, Double Bass collective Project, bringing together artists from France, USA and Russia, and international ensemble James Perch with jazz musicians from the USA, Japan and Russia.

«Since then, we have been here for the first time, a lot has changed, the level of the festival greatly increased. Overall improvement a lot. Sure, in the future, the festival will only grow. Actually, I really like Russia. I love playing here, love to work with Russians», — noted Brazilian percussionist Edson Da Silva (Brazil All Stars).The final day of the festival was celebrated with a traditional space bridge» jazz at the speed of light,» which connected jazz Koktebel on stage with musicians from Yerevan.

Earlier on the Main stage of the festival was one of the leading groups of the German Club Des Belugas playing in the style of Nu-jazz. The panel, in the sound which combined jazz elements with funk, soul and electronic music, loved by the guests and spectators of Koktebel in 2014 — then they first performed at the festival. An international team of jazz Koktebel Jazz Party also complements the team Lastie’Joe’s New Orleans Sound (USA), opened the Saturday concert, and others.

Anniversary season of jazz in Koktebel attracted not only world-known jazzmen, but also gave young musicians the opportunity to showcase their talents along with veteran performers. Among them are soloists of children’s musical theater «Domisolka», members of the Jazz orchestra of Children’s arts school of the Moscow Department of culture, young talents of the Crimea.

Surprise Koktebel Jazz Party in 2017 has become a special project «bottlenose Dolphin jazz» — in Koktebel Dolphinarium, there was a performance of jazz musicians Sergei Golovnya and Oleg Starikov.

In Crimea, the arc ended Koktebel Jazz Party 2017© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in фотобанкKoktebel Jazz Party: pearls from New Orleans and Club Des BelugasЛюбители jazz around the world could follow the course of the festival in a unique format of panoramic video 360°: broadcast concerts of the Main stage of Koktebel Jazz Party was available on the most visited resources of the Runet Throughout the festival photos of users of social networks, which they filmed on the grounds of the Koktebel Jazz Party, was broadcast on the screen of the Main stage to take part in the action everyone could publish photos with the obligatory hashtag of the festival #KJP2017.

In Crimea, the arc ended Koktebel Jazz Party 2017© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in фотобанкClub des Belugas were satisfied Koktebel Jazz PartyУровень performing energy determined with the help of the audience award, established by the special partner of the festival — the company «Smolensk diamonds». The winner was determined by measuring the volume of the applause.

Koktebel Jazz Party is an annual international jazz festival, founded in 2003. The festival originated as a private initiative of the founder of the Koktebel jazz journalist Dmitry Kiselev. Small Crimean village gave its name to the festival, today occupy a recognized place in the list of jazz events.

In Crimea, the arc ended Koktebel Jazz Party 2017© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in photobank.kiev: Koktebel Jazz Party will help the school become the best in the Koktebel Jazz Party КрымуKoktebel is not just a jazz of world level is a real freedom that gives rise to a single vibration of music, sea, body and soul. Organizer of the festival is GK «Red Square».

The festival Koktebel Jazz Party is held with the informational support of the international media group «Russia today» TV channel «Russia 1» «Russia-Culture» and «Russia 24», radio JAZZ 89.1 FM, radio «Mayak», radio «Culture», radio stations «Vesti FM», the Eurasian communication center. A special partner is the company «Smolensk Diamonds».

The official hashtag of the festival #KJP2017. Official website of the festival

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