Mikhalkov has left the Board of guardians of Fund of cinema

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in fotobanka Mikhalkov. Archival photoMikhalkov has left the Board of guardians of Fund of cinema© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

The head of the Union of cinematographers of Russia, film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, announced his withdrawal from the Board of guardians of Fund of cinema.

According to Mikhalkov, the reason for his decision — the irresponsibility of the leadership of the organization. He noted that irresponsibility leads to «meaningless» films or situations in which several channels are «bloody battle» between a few released films new subjects.

According to him, he is in fact in the film Fund does not solve anything. «The money will be issued they will be issued a completely different set of rules than would be issued,» — said Mikhalkov.

«When it comes to the Council of a person of the opposite views to you, forgive me for the word, ideologically is one thing. When it comes to people, clothed with power and opportunities is another,» said the Director. However, he expressed appreciation to his colleagues on the Board of Trustees, stressing that this is a professional and well-established in the film people.

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky in connection with Mikhalkov’s departure from the Board of Trustees of the cinema Fund, said that the composition of this body does not affect the financing of projects of the organization.

Medina said that over the past time, the financing of the cinema Fund has increased significantly, as a protected article of a subsidy of three billion were added in the order of 500-700 million annually, while also allocating funds for the adaptation for the screen existed. «That is to say that funding has doubled, from our side of the tastiness no no» — said the Minister.

Press Secretary of Prime Minister Natalya Timakova, which was included in the Board of Trustees of the Fund the movie in April, said that during this period the Board of Trustees have held two or three times, but Mikhalkov at the meetings did not appear. «It was a very good meaningful conversation, and questions that were discussed today, including were there to investigate. Very sorry that Nikita was not present in any of them,» she said.

In April of this year the Board of Trustees of Fund of cinema, which is headed by presidential adviser Vladimir Tolstoy, became the head of the First channel Konstantin Ernst, the press Secretary of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Natalya Timakova. Also in the composition of this body includes Stanislav Govorukhin, Anton Malyshev, Alexey Popogrebsky, Karen Shakhnazarov.