Round table at the ATS forum «Army-2017» was useful for China

© Photo : DIMC MO Russia/Vadim Glancingly table dedicated to the experience of using the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic, the forum Army-2017Round table at the ATS forum «Army-2017» was useful for China© Photo : DIMC MO Russia/Vadim Grishanin

The Deputy military attaché of China in Russia, a senior captain first rank Yun Chang commented on a round table on the Syrian issue, held in the framework of scientific and business program of the forum «Army-2017», noting that the provided data useful for the PRC, the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

It is noted that the Deputy Chinese military attaché praised the organization and holding of the round table, adding that Russian generals «is very clearly and specifically spoke about military action in Syria,» and acknowledged that the briefing very useful.

«Today was the report of the military operations in the desert. For China this is interesting because with us there is no such situation as in Syria, and it is useful for our country», — the answer is Yun Chan on the question of what can the state learn from Russian experience with the use of the group in Syria.

It is reported that the representative of the defense Ministry of China said that the fight against terrorism is currently as relevant as ever, and the information on it is vital for any country. He also called the organization of military operations on foreign territory and the establishment of cooperation between the Russian troops and government forces most important in the operation in the SAR.

The third international military-technical forum «Army-2017» was held from 22 to 27 August on the territory of Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre «Patriot» in the suburbs, in all military districts and in the Northern fleet. It involved more than one thousand companies and organizations and more than 100 foreign high-level delegations.