South Korea opposes the solution to the problem of the DPRK a «double freeze»

© REUTERS / KCNAЗапуск ballistic missiles of the DPRK. Archival photoSouth Korea opposes the solution to the problem of the DPRK a «double freeze»© REUTERS / KCNA

Foreign Minister of South Korea Kang Kyung Hwa considers unacceptable the proposal of the Russian Federation and China to solve the problem of the DPRK a «double freeze» the testing of missiles and military exercises, handed in Friday the Agency Yonhap.

«Cessation of provocations of North Korea in violation of UN sanctions in exchange for cessation of legal Korean-American military exercises in response to the threat of North Korea, it’s like that to harness the cart before the horse», — quotes Agency the words of Kang Kyong Hwa after her talks in Moscow with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to the Minister from South Korea, the countries concerned agree that the Republic of Korea should play a «leading role in creating the atmosphere of dialogue between the South and the North and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula and the problem of North Korean missiles should be solved together with the international community as a major challenge to international security».

«These two tracks are not separated if one of them is the movement, it will go», — stressed the Minister.

As previously reported, Russia and China have developed a «road map» for resolving the problems of the Korean Peninsula, the so-called plan of «double freeze.» In particular, it provides that the DPRK will declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches, and South Korea and the United States refrain from carrying out the exercises, which Pyongyang believes a rehearsal for war against the North Korean state. It is assumed that the parallel opposing sides will begin to negotiate and approve the General principles of relationships, including non-use of force and the intention to make efforts for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Russia has also proposed to develop a roadmap for the gradual restoration of trust and create conditions for the resumption of six-party talks.

South Korea opposes the solution to the problem of the DPRK a «double freeze»© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka can fly rockets to the DPRK