The award for his work on «East»: first car and a trip to Baikonur

© RIA Novosti / Elena Timoshenkovskogo Tsiolkovsky. Archival photoThe award for his work on «East»: first car and a trip to Baikonur© RIA Novosti / Elena Tymoshenko

The summer all-Russian student construction project «Eastern Spaceport 2017» ended on Friday, 29 student teams from 19 regions of Russia for two months fought for the pride flag, as a result, three of the best see the launch of a Soyuz from Baikonur, three more will be attending the closing ceremony of the International military-technical forum «Army 2017».

As for «Eastern» earn a first car, how many houses built in the Russian Tsiolkovsky and the unique children’s garden near the spaceport, found out the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

To exceed the norm and buy a car

Michael Rolik from the city of Shimanovsk of the Amur region — one of the three lucky winners that 12 October will see the launch of a Soyuz from the Baikonur cosmodrome. The invitation — award for excellent work in the East.

«I still don’t understand what is happening, although now the invitation in his hands. I want to see Baikonur, say it twice East», — shared his emotions the 19-year-old student of the Amur building College.

Different paper the Michael 2011, began in Sochi ice Palace «iceberg», was in Ekaterinburg, 2015 at the cosmodrome. Students for the construction of the East are attracted in 2012, in 2014, the building became national, then first came more than 500 people from more than 10 regions of the country.

«I have a construction specialty in the Eastern third of the time, including during this time I became the best Commissioner of the detachment, once tore off the back and then worked with the Executive documentation. This summer my group worked on the launch complex of the cosmodrome: cleaned, painted, plastered, poured concrete, produced installation works buildings that after the first start East a little shaken, something erected in new, more sustainable technologies,» described his work, Mikhail.

His group «the Legion» this summer ennobled the territory of the kindergarten in the city of science Tsiolkovsky near the spaceport, collecting small architectural forms — endless cars, slides, and other familiar elements of children’s playgrounds.

All «Legion» almost in unison acknowledge those who returned to the East from year to year, return it for emotions «fighting brotherhood».

«There is a struggle for the banner! Everyone wants to be the best. We on this summer, construction took second place in the overall standings,» the praise guys.

For the first time, the far East saw Urusova and Polina from Novosibirsk. «I love it! This is my first virgin!»- told about the impressions of the student.

Only since the end of June on the Eastern worked 400 students, 300 at objects of FSUE «GVSU special objects». Others, attracted for the first time this year on building a Center for exploitation of ground space infrastructure (TsENKI), — launch and technical complex of the cosmodrome.

Stroiteley street and the neighborhood Star

«We are standing now on the street of Builders, the name as in the film «Irony of fate…», here we have kindergarten,» began a tour of the project leader GVSU special projects Andrey Ponomarev. He oversees Tsiolkovsky and could walk on a construction site with your eyes closed.

By the way, Tsiolkovsky with the system «smart city» it is not difficult to imagine. More than a dozen cameras around the perimeter of a kindergarten for 230 children are responsible for the security, the technique will allow you to see the protection of not only the child’s face, but also emotions. Here, including hands studotryadov, everything is ready to work.

© RIA Novosti / Elena Timesanalysis garden in the city of science TsiolkovskyThe award for his work on «East»: first car and a trip to Baikonur© RIA Novosti / Elena Timesanalysis garden in the science city of Tsiolkovsky

The music hall waiting in the wings of the piano, in sports and special little miniature bikes and treadmills. Kindergarten should start in October, perhaps children’s voices will be heard here in September.

Special attention is paid to the sedentary groups. To do this, adapted toilets and even the Elevator buttons — next to the usual buttons Braille.

«Aviation will accommodate 12 thousand people, is now being built first and foremost is 14 houses, of which six are commissioned, kindergarten and administrative building ready», — said Ponomarev.

The next point of the tour — the house on 125 apartments, his willingness now 80%. Chetyrehpolozyj building project with different number of storeys to six and nine.The award for his work on «East»: first car and a trip to Baikonur© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotoancemndom East will share the Ministry of defense and Roscosmos

Now the building discordance workers. Apartments for employees of the East pass trim, laminate floor or linoleum, the walls normal and hang vinyl Wallpaper in the bathroom tiles.

Oversees all Anastasia Pisareva — head of the land finishing work. «I started on the East with the reconstruction of the old barracks as dormitories, then moved to the start of construction of the cosmodrome, now went to work on the Tsiolkovsky, responsible for the production and organization of labour,» he listed Pisarev.

She, like all heroes in the East, modest. In the spring of 2016, after the first launch from the spaceport, a woman was awarded the medal of the order «For merits before Fatherland» II degree.