The EP has proposed a new way to reduce pressure on business

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobacteria United Russia. Archival photoThe EP has proposed a new way to reduce pressure on business© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

A separate part of the penal code, which duplicate identical provisions in the code, should be removed to reduce pressure on business, said the co-chair of the business platform of «United Russia» Marina bludyan.

These suggestions are intended to decriminalize the law in the field of entrepreneurship.

«Platform of the party supports the proposal on possible exemption of certain parts of the articles of the criminal code, duplicate similar provisions contained in the code of administrative offences, to reduce the pressure on the business community,» said bludan at the meeting of the party’s platform to support entrepreneurs and liberal platform.

She clarified that we are talking in particular about the first part of the 238 th article of the criminal code, which criminalizes the storage, transportation, marketing of products or services violations of mandatory requirements.

«And two million and know them all businessman can not. Our proposal is to withdraw this part of the article of the criminal code, leaving it only in the code of administrative offences that may be considered as an alternative to criminal punishment. This approach will ensure freedom of entrepreneurial activity», — said bludan.

According to Deputy Secretary General Council of United Russia Yevgeny Revenko, 238-article «in fact has become a way of strong pressure on the business.» «Here a lot of complaints. Would suggest to look at the practical application of this article and make the necessary amendments. We must change the attitude to business, otherwise we will not be able to count on strong economic growth,» he said.

According to bludan, in case of withdrawal of the first 238 th article of the criminal code it will be possible amendments to article 144 of the criminal procedure code, according to which, if during the consideration of a crime report revealed an administrative offence, the statement should be sent for consideration to the competent regulatory authorities that will exclude the possibility for the investigator to make the case at its discretion.

«Today, when the investigator turn on some minor issue, he instead apply to the regulatory authorities, he gets a case that could lead to abuses. In the case of modification, the investigator will be required to refer the complaint to the relevant jurisdiction,» she explained.