The Kremlin settled deterring pests Filin

© AFP 2017 / dpa/Maja HitijФилин. Archival photoThe Kremlin settled deterring pests Filin© AFP 2017 / dpa/Maja Hitij

The ornithological service of the Moscow Kremlin acquired the owl, to fight pests on its territory, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Kremlin commandant, Lieutenant-General FSO Sergey Khlebnikov.

«Noise complexes and other technical means, scaring Raven, we have, and they are periodically used, but more effective, as practice shows, is the use of natural enemies of crows, such as falcons and hawks… Now I can say that the Kremlin live and work not only the falcons, there are still hawks, and recently in the state of ornithological service of the Kremlin appeared the owl,» said he.

Khlebnikov noted that the ornithological service of the Kremlin exists since 1970-ies. «It is worth noting that even in ancient times at the princely court was the practice of falconry. And today, the use of birds in the fight with crows is a tribute to those traditions that arose in the days of the old Russian state», — said the Agency interlocutor.

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