The Norwegian authorities fined the guide, to scare polar bear

© AP Photo / Martin Maly the bear goes on ice. Archival photoThe Norwegian authorities fined the guide, to scare polar bear© AP Photo / Martin Meissner

The Norwegian authorities fined a guide on 1,5 thousand dollars because he scared the polar bear, according to the publication Norway Today.

As writes the edition, the guide is accompanied on Svalbard, a group of tourists on a snowmobile when they saw a polar bear. The bear was at a distance of 900 metres, and the guide decided to get closer to the animal. The bear got scared and ran. The tour guide realized what had frightened the beast, and stopped the persecution.

According to local authorities, people are prohibited to get close to polar bears if their appearance may scare the animal or interfere with its normal life. It is noted that the number of tourists on Svalbard has increased, which may lead to the recurrence of similar situations, in this connection, the authorities will monitor the situation and if necessary to introduce restrictive measures in a number of areas.