The number of victims of attack on mosque in Kabul has exceeded 30 people

© REUTERS / Omar SobhaniАфганские police at the scene of the attack on the mosque in Kabul. 25 August 2017The number of victims of attack on mosque in Kabul has exceeded 30 people© REUTERS / Omar Sobhani

More than 30 people were killed and over 80 were injured in an attack on a mosque in the capital of Afghanistan, reports Tolo News, citing officials.

Earlier it was reported about 20 dead and 30 injured.

Several militants attacked the mosque of Imam Zaman in Kabul. According to eyewitnesses, the militants killed the guards and broke into the building. To the scene arrived ambulances. Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish confirmed that the mosque attacked. According to him, one of the militants exploded near a mosque.

Later, the channel reported that one explosion occurred near a mosque in Kabul.

As reported, the responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group «Islamic state*» (IG*).

The situation in Afghanistan in recent months, has deteriorated markedly. Radical movement «Taliban», formerly possessed a large territory in rural areas of the country, launched a major offensive against the city. Also in the country has increased the influence of the IG*.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.