The number of victims of riots in India has grown to 18 people

© 2017 AFP / Tauseef MustafaИндийский soldier. Archival photoThe number of victims of riots in India has grown to 18 people© 2017 AFP / Tauseef Mustafa

At least eighteen people were killed, 200 injured in riots that erupted in the Indian city of Panchkula after a court found the influential spiritual leader guilty on rape of the world, reports news Agency ANI.

Earlier it was reported 13 dead and about 100 injured.

According to the Agency, 17 people were killed in Panchkula, state Haryana, another died in the city of Sirsa, where is the community of Rama Rahim. When the police Panchkula say that the situation is currently under control.

Spiritual leader of the community «Dera Sacha Sudra the» Gurmit RAM Rahim Singh on Friday was found guilty of rape on two counts. He was taken into custody at the courthouse, the verdict is expected to be handed down on Monday. Shortly thereafter, in Panchkula, Haryana, where the sitting of the court, riots broke out.

The police used against the protesters with tear gas and water cannons. After about half an hour after the verdict and the outbreak of hostilities to maintain order in Panchkula joined the army, which was pre-alerted in the event of unrest.

In Punjab, where as in Haryana, many followers Rama Rahim, also restless. It was reported about the arson at the railway station of the city of Malout, Ferozpur, Mansa and Bathinda curfew, and the head of state of Amarinder Singh urged the Punjabis to remain calm. At least nine cases of arson of buses and empty wagons was also recorded in different parts of Delhi.

12 dead after Indian guru’s rape conviction triggers riots
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