The Supreme court upheld the fine for illegal border Russia in atlases

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Illiterate in fotobanka. Archival photoThe Supreme court upheld the fine for illegal border Russia in atlases© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Illiterate the image Bank

Russia’s Supreme court upheld the judicial acts of the two lower courts, which at the request of Federal registration service was fined 100 thousand rubles AST error in atlases and contour maps for the 8 and 9 classes, in particular, for irregular borders of Russia with other countries, reported Friday RIA Novosti in court.

The armed forces rejected the appeal of publishing a decision in February, the arbitration court of Moscow and the resolution of the ninth arbitration court of appeal. «The arguments of the complaint about the lack of offense cited in the proceedings, received a proper legal assessment of the courts, rightly rejected on the grounds detailed in the relevant legal acts», — stated in the definition of the armed forces.

As follows from the materials of the case, issued in AST textbooks inaccurately shows the border of Russia with Finland, Japan, China, the DPRK, and on the isthmus of the Crimean Peninsula. In addition, according to the Federal registration service, does not show the border between the United States and Russia in the Bering Strait, there is no boundary of the polar dominions of the Russian Federation, accurately shows the boundaries of the city of Moscow. Just check revealed more than 60 inaccuracies and errors in the designations of borders, names of localities and natural objects.

The court also notes that in the textbooks, an infringement of norms of the Federal law «On names of geographical objects», expressed in incorrect display of the normalized names of geographical objects, as well as violation of technical requirements and standards set by regulatory and guiding materials.

The arbitration of Moscow in February, according to the statement of Federal registration service act attracted to administrative responsibility according to part 4 of article 14.1 of the administrative code, providing punishment for carrying out business activities with gross violation of requirements and conditions stipulated in a special permission (license).

The publisher RIA Novosti previously said that the violations are not gross, are in the nature of technical errors, and therefore should not bear the administrative responsibility.