War monuments in the United States spread to religious monuments

© RIA Novosti / G Vasiljeviene in fotobanka A. in the eveningWar monuments in the United States spread to religious monuments© RIA Novosti / G Vasiljeviene the image Bank

Vandals desecrated in Los Angeles the monument to «Apostle of California» — Holy Junipero Serra monument paint wrote «the killer,» reports The Los Angeles Times.

The statue is in a Park opposite the building of the Catholic mission of San Fernando. The vandals also painted the hand of the Saint in red. Soon the paint is clean.

«Everyone is entitled to their own public opinion. But once it comes down to it, I don’t think that’s right», — quotes the edition the opinion of one of the Park visitors.

In the US resumed the campaign for the demolition of the monuments to the confederates, who advocated the perpetuation of slavery during the Civil war in 1861-65. It happened after the events in Charlottesville, where in mid-August, clashes took place between the right-wing and left-wing activists. Protests were held in Seattle.