«Who is sue?»: about «threats» to journalists from the Russian Orthodox Church

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobacteria-Sergius Lavra«Who is sue?»: about «threats» to journalists from the Russian Orthodox Church© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photovacation of Skripunov

«The Patriarchy really had gone too far!» mantra, uttered by the «progressive part» users of social networks every time the ROC is in the center of the scandal. Transfer Isaac, «confessions of a novice», drama, «Matilda» — all serve as fuel to again broke out fierce verbal battles. This time the storm of criticism caused the publication of the anonymous monologue of the student Regent school at the Moscow theological Academy (MDA) about the harsh manners in this school.

But the subject for the network of clashes and virtual disapproval of steel is not «strict rules of dress code», «barracks discipline» or a ban on «ideologically wrong or depraved» reading for seminaristic — in the center of the scandal was not the content of the publication, and the history of its occurrence.

«Given the great mystery»

Only one debaters unanimous: she tells the story likely would not have paid attention if not for a call from the Academy. The author of the material — Elizabeth Klimentieva, the second year student allegedly threatened almost a court for what she agreed on the text of the press service of the institution.

Says klymentyev, talked to her man, who introduced himself as the press Secretary of the Moscow theological Academy Oleg Sukhanov. «Then we will deal with you legally. You don’t want it? As the experience of previous years, it will not end in your favor. I offer you the solution: remove your publication,» said the caller.

Then remove the material it requested is already in the student, a conversation which she recorded. Finally, according to Klementievo, she again called the press Secretary of the MDA.

«Elizabeth, you know that the removal of any material from the laurels (MDA located in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. — Approx. ed) you need consent? I had to read your material before you leave the monastery, and then give you their written consent» — this is mentioned by the author of the material phrase, supposedly uttered by the press Secretary, infuriated the feysbuchniki.

«Something I have not seen such rules. Charges in my address I was not very clear. As it can be formulated for a lawsuit? What can be written in the statement? Violate ethical standards of the journalist? Given the great secret of education within the walls of God?— ironically the author.

Meanwhile, one of the elementary rules that is known by any student of any in the world of journalism, States: in publications dealing with any conflict, it is necessary to represent (or at least try to do) the positions of all participating parties. Otherwise, the material is biased, and it is certainly contrary to the ethics of journalism.

«Was cheating»

In the scandal around the publication of the second side, the press service of the MDA, mainly represented value judgments: that there would be calls — there would be no problem.

RIA Novosti contacted the press Secretary of the MDA Oleg Sukhanov. From his words follows, that things are not so simple.

To me, the journalist asked: «How to interview students the Regent’s school?» On this account we have traditional solution that we bring to any correspondents: in a free form written application addressed to the rector, which is what the media, who and how. This request is endorsed do — the Lord sees or asks me to comment on. The second condition: after the interview will be typed or printed, it should show for review. This information was communicated to the journalist.

— When? Before or after publication?

— It was long before (publication. — Approx. ed.). Then I get upset girl, that was interviewed, and says that it is posted on the website. I am surprised and say that this can not be, because the petition is not signed. She said she talked with a reporter on the record, but I was sure that she got permission and that the correspondent on the preparedness of the material will provide it for review. That is, are fulfilled the conditions stipulated in our original conversation.

The only question this reporter asked through his friend, a student of our Seminary. It this information brought. I called to the girl reporter, said, was before it brought this information about the necessity of writing of petitions and the provision of text for review. She confirmed that Yes, was brought. I asked if she tried to fulfill these conditions, she replied that due to some circumstances she was unable to fulfill them. I asked the question, what were the nature of the circumstances: illness, physical impossibility? She was unable to clearly answer.

According to Sukhanov, on any legal action against the author of the text even speech was not.

«And what can I apply to court? That 20-year-old girl cheated? Another thing is that I totally admit I said that this kind of behavior is a threat to her career. I admit it, because a lie for any man is a threat, and for a person who performs any public function, journalistic, pedagogical, managerial, is doubly unacceptable,» he said.

The press Secretary added that the idea he expressed Klementievo. At the same time, he deeply regrets what happened and «human wishes it to be right.»

At the request of RIA Novosti to comment on the words of the press Secretary MDA klymentyev replied: «If you have any questions about the material — write to the editor».

A representative of a newspaper that published the material, assured that «if the editorial Board wants to comment, she will contact you». At the time of publication of this text did not happen.