Yamal schools are fully prepared for the new school year

© Fotolia / Syda ProductionsДети in the classroom. Archival photoYamal schools are fully prepared for the new school year© Fotolia / Syda Productions

The work on preparation of educational organisations for new academic year completed in the municipalities of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO), reports the regional government.

«In accordance with the schedule, August 20, all audited agencies were fully prepared to work in the new academic year. The only exceptions were the three objects of education, that in connection with major overhaul and reconstruction have not been presented for acceptance», — stated in the message.

So, according to the work plans, school №5 of the town Gubkinskiy, where the construction of a new school building and reconstruction of the old, will be put into operation next year. In the kindergarten «Sun» in Nadym overhaul should be completed in September this year. And kindergarten «snowflake» in the city of Muravlenko after the overhaul will be commissioned in October this year.

In the current year, the interdepartmental commissions were presented for acceptance of the Yamal 340 educational organizations, including 128 schools, kindergartens 168, 35 organizations of additional education of children, three homes and six institutions of secondary professional education, authorities say.

In addition, on the recommendation of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, was also tested the readiness of two Orthodox schools, one vocational education institutions subordinated to the Department of agriculture, trade and food Yamal, as well as 60 organizations in the sphere of culture and sport says the government.

Yamal preparation of educational institutions for the academic year was held under the supervision of the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin. «Yamal children should gain knowledge in a cozy, comfortable and safe institutions,» quoted in the message words of the head of the Arctic region.