ALROSA announced the termination of search of miners at the mine «Mir»

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in photobacteria rescuers down in the mine World. 5 August 2017ALROSA announced the termination of search of miners at the mine «Mir»© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

ALROSA ceased search and rescue operations at the mine «Mir» in Yakutia, where the eight missing miners, said in a statement.

According to her, in the bowl of the quarry has accumulated 37400 cubic meters of water, which may at any time to go into the mine. In addition, the salt rocks are a lot of washouts that threaten to collapse the lower ledge of the quarry and the destruction of the mine workings.

Maintain directional blasting at the quarry is prohibited. Under the circumstances, the execution of any works, including pumping water previously committed to the explosions, the impossible, the company explained.

The representatives of ALROSA added that since the accident it’s been three weeks. Medical experts believe that the hope that one of the missing miners is still alive, almost none.

«To survive without drinking water, food, in conditions of high humidity and flooding the mine with mud-masses with a high content of hydrogen sulfide and salts the human body during such a long period of time can not», — explained in the company.
The accident at the mine

In early August at the mine in the town of Mirny has been a breakthrough of water. In mine there were 151 people, 143 were able to raise to the surface.

Rescue work continued around the clock for three weeks. They were attended by rescuers, miners, divers, industrial climbers.

The search was conducted at depths of 550 and 600 meters, the total amount they extracted rock mass was 19.5 per thousand cubic meters, the length of the released mining − 1 191,5 meters.

Last week, the water coming from Metehara-Ocherskogo aquifer, ceased to fully go into the mine and began to accumulate on the bottom of the quarry. This has created the risk of a simultaneous breakout of the accumulated water in the mine and threatened life under the earth miners and rescuers.

At an emergency meeting on August 20, the decision was made to conduct a series of directed local explosions. Blasting lasted for five days, but to achieve a controlled gathering of the full volume of water in the mine failed.

Assistance to families of miners

The President of «ALROSA» Sergey Ivanov on behalf of the company expressed condolences to the families and friends of the miners.

«With a heavy heart I regret to inform you that hopes that the remaining in the mine working will be able to raise to the surface alive, there is not. We are deeply shocked by the incident. It is a tragedy for the entire company. The realization that we have done everything possible to save people, unfortunately, can not serve as consolation for their loved ones,» — said Ivanov.

The relatives of the dead miners will be paid compensation in the amount of two million rubles. In addition, they will receive insurance payments and funds from the budgets of different levels.