At the mine «Mir» ceased to search for miners

© Photo courtesy of the TV channel «Diamond edge»Industrial climbers started to work on the mine in the WorldAt the mine «Mir» ceased to search for miners© photo courtesy of the TV channel «Diamond edge»

ALROSA stopped the search in the mine «Mir», which lost eight miners.
The reason for this decision was that in his career has accumulated 37400 cubic meters of water that threaten to descend into the mine. Additionally, in a salt mine rocks formed gullies in the amount of 100 thousand cubic meters.

What happened

Three weeks ago, August 4, at the mine «ALROSA» in the city there is a breakthrough of water. At the time mine was 151 people. On the surface of the raised 143 miners.

In the search and rescue operation was attended by 320 people, including divers and industrial climbers. Also involved was deployed aircraft and more than 30 pieces of equipment. The work was carried out around the clock. In total, the miners and rescue workers spent underground more than 360 hours.

The difficulties began when on August 18, when the water from Metehara-Ocherskogo aquifer ceased in the right amount to go into the mine and began to accumulate on the bottom of the quarry. Two days later, it was decided to hold a series of explosions, which, however, did not help.

The decision to terminate search was made taking into account the opinions of doctors. Doctors believe that to survive without drinking water and food, besides, in such difficult circumstances, and for so many days is not possible.

Assistance to families of miners

The President of «ALROSA» Sergei Ivanov expressed his condolences to the families of the miners.

«We are deeply shocked by the incident. It is a tragedy for the whole company,» he said.

According to him, the realization that the company did everything possible to save people, can not serve as consolation for their loved ones. He promised to assist the families of the miners the necessary support and material assistance.
ALROSA and Contracting company LLC «Belspetsmontazh» will pay to relatives of each of the miners compensation in the amount of two million rubles.

Also the families of the workers will receive insurance payments, and payments from budgets of different levels.

Remaining under the ground

Vlasenko, Aleksey Vladimirovich, the engineer of the rig.

Zhukov Dmitry, the driver of the rig.

Kulikov Vitaliy Vitalievich, acting section chief.

Marin D. M., the driver of the rig.

Mirontsev Gleb Aleksandrovich, stope miner.

Misnik, Valentin Anatolievich, master section (removable).

Neustroyev Mikhail, drill rig operator.

Stepanov Igor, the bomber.

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