Broken in Novosibirsk, the power supply will recover in four hours

© Fotolia / ѕеап824Линии power. Archival photoBroken in Novosibirsk, the power supply will recover in four hours© Fotolia / sean824

The power supply is disconnected due to the explosion and fire at the transformer TPP-2 in Novosibirsk, will recover within three to four hours, told RIA Novosti the representative of «Siberian energy company (the»Sibeko»).

Earlier, the interior Ministry informed that on Saturday at the substation Novosibirsk CHP caught fire, according to preliminary data, victims and victims no. According to the MOE, in Leninsk area of Novosibirsk the fire occurred on the territory of CHPP-2. In extinguishing involved 18 vehicles and 56 personnel.

«There was a transformer explosion. Currently, the moment the fire is localized fire. Within three to four hours will be filed the unit power is off. Created a special Commission to determine the causes of the accident. No victims,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

A company representative could not clarify the scale of the outages.

As stated earlier, a RIA Novosti source in the emergencies Ministry, the fire at the Novosibirsk TETS-2 led to power outages in Novosibirsk, but their scale is still unknown.