Car sharing in Metropolitan areas: the classic car were under threat

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotoreceptori service of the Moscow Belka car-share Car. Archival photoCar sharing in Metropolitan areas: the classic car were under threat© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Services minute car rental in major cities can greatly complicate long-established way of doing business of classic car rental companies, says automotive expert, partner of «AUTOSTAT» and the General Director of «Radio Country,» Igor Morzharetto.

Service vehicle for public use with pay per minute – car-sharing (car – car sharing — sharing) appeared in Russia in 2015. Pioneers of its introduction in Russia were Metropolitan authorities, with the support of which was launched service «the Moscow car-sharing». Now in Moscow there are five operators of car – sharing «Telemobil», BelkaCar, Anytime, Car5 and Youdrive with a total fleet of 2.65 thousands of machines. «Telemobil» and Youdrive are also car sharing in St. Petersburg.

«There is competition, and very serious, because the usual distributors, working on the classical scheme, gives the car a long time. Here it is necessary to look at different markets – the market of the metropolis definitely will win the car-share, because the market of the metropolis is a market of short trips. If we talk about the market resort town, then already will be in advantage car rental company that provides cars by the classical scheme, because that’s where people usually need the car for a long time,» — said Morzharetto RIA Novosti.

Two capitals

A study conducted by one of the operators allowed to make a portrait of an average customer: male, age from 26-35 years with higher education, engaged in various fields as a specialist or Manager. It was also found that 64% of respondents have a car, but almost 40% of them are willing to abandon it — at all, or when traveling around the city.

«Currently in the capital of 300 thousand active users of car sharing in the past year were two times less. One car-share every day with an average of eight trips. For 2017 already committed almost 2.5 million trips. According to our calculations, the capital the optimal is a Park of no less than 10-15 thousand cars. Market capacity, according to our estimates, selected or 30%, commercial prospects for the development of this service in Moscow is estimated too high», — quotes its data, the Department of transport.

«Service for short-term rent a car «Telemobil» was launched in Leningrad region in the beginning of this year. For rent was available for 100 cars. We set ourselves the task to test the need for such service in the city. The service was very popular and liked by the people. To date, the number of registered users in St. Petersburg reached 26 thousand people. We are faced with numerous requests from clients to increase the fleet. By 2018 the number of cars in the Park «Telemobile» in St. Petersburg will increase up to 300″, — told RIA Novosti the representative of the service.

As previously reported by the Deputy mayor of Moscow, head of Department of transport Maxim Liksutov, the capital on the dynamics of development services short-term rental is one of the first places in the world.

Such dynamics, not only in Moscow, resulting in confusion classic car hire company, because they are so well built over the last hundred years, the business was under threat, said Morzharetto.

Earlier, one of the largest global players in the field of rental cars Hertz us has announced the tapering of its Russian business. The company promised to fulfil all its obligations on current bookings before the Russian customers, also said that talks with potential partners about long-term mission in the country. A number of media associated care Hertz with the development of car-sharing services in Russia, with which the company simply can not compete.