Detained in Tajikistan for transportation of coin she has paid a fine of

© AP Photo / Alexander ZemlianichenkoТаджикистан. Archival photoDetained in Tajikistan for transportation of coin she has paid a fine of© AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko

Russian Tatyana Huzhina, who was sentenced in Tajikistan to a fine of 5 thousand catfishes (567 USD) for smuggling copper coins of the edition of 1823, on Saturday paid a fine, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The citizen of the Russian Federation Huzhina, going to Russia with a six-year-old daughter, were detained during the inspection at Dushanbe international airport on June 18. Woman obvinili smuggling: according to the investigating authorities, she was transported to the coin worth two pennies of the tsarist Russia (1823), which was lying in her purse.

«Today I gathered all the money required for the payment of the fine, paid it and received my passport back along with the court’s decision. Now I can leave Tajikistan,» — said Huzhina Agency.

According to her, she wanted to pay only part of the fine, his half, since the remaining funds she was not. «This morning I got a call from the management of the company «Gazprom-Neftegaz» and asked how much money I can help. I said that is not enough 2 thousand catfishes, and I almost immediately brought the money. For which I am very grateful to the leadership of this organization,» said Huzhina.

According to her, on Saturday she also carried a statement to the Ministry of transport of Tajikistan with a request to compensate her for at least part of the cost of tickets, which she and her daughter, 6-year-old Sophia didn’t fly to Moscow on 18 June. That day Huzhina was arrested during a customs inspection and charged with smuggling dvuhkopeechnaya copper coins of the edition of 1823.