Eater «apples»: how unprofitable Android has become the leader of the mobile market

© 2017 AFP / Jeff Pachoud Statue AndroidEater «apples»: how unprofitable Android has become the leader of the mobile market© 2017 AFP / Jeff Pachoud

MOSCOW, Aug 26 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. Recently Google has officially unveiled a new Android operating system 8.0, formerly known under the code name Android O. has Now become clear that the name is Oreo is a popular cookie layer. The announcement of the new system coincided with a solar Eclipse in the U.S., the company defeated in a release. The update contains many new features, such as, for example, «picture in picture» or adaptive icons which give the user more freedom in working with the alerts. Another plus: the platform has become to boot twice as fast and seriously saves energy: running applications in the background are limited.

Tough start

In 2003 Andy Rubin (now Director of mobile platforms at Google) and his companions began working on creating a mobile operating system that could determine how the location of the user and his personal preferences. They registered the company Android Inc and was planning to propose the development of the creators of digital cameras. It later turned out that the demand for them is quite low, and investors showed special interest in a startup, not take the money.

In 2005 the attention to the project, then already barely keeping afloat, drew Google — the purchase cost her only $ 50 million. Specific plans for mobile devices the Corporation then had, but assumed that the system is open source will allow it to actively promote its own services.

Soil preparation
On its loss-making acquisition, shelved, Google only came up in 2007 when Steve jobs introduced the first Apple iPhone.However, Google was faced with another problem — the lack of a partner, which would have released the phone to the new OS. The market leader in mobile at that time Nokia was sitting on its own Symbian, which occupied more than 50% of the market. The second heavyweight was OS RIM popular Blackberry manufacturer — famous phones a full qwerty keyboard (20.9 percent). LG relied on a Microsoft Windows Phone.

To cooperate with Google willingly agreed cellulase on the global market for the Taiwanese HTC. The first prototype of Android-smartphone was Google Sooner, released in 2007, HTC. This phone had a touchscreen, but had a full keyboard and was very similar to the Blackberry, whose experience and then rested the Corporation.

But the iPhone dictated the conditions, and the early development had to be postponed. In 2009, the market was the first full-fledged Android-device — smartphone touch screen HTC Dream, which had a resounding success. From that moment, things have went to Android goruss BY-SA 2.0 / Michael Oryl / HTC DREAMEater «apples»: how unprofitable Android has become the leader of the mobile marketCC BY-SA 2.0 / Michael Oryl / HTC DREAM

Despite numerous flaws, the system has become the champion for the correction of errors among all players in the market: Android rolling out updates every two and a half months.

This constant polishing made the system more personalized, customizable and understandable. Plus integrated super popular Google services: search, Gmail, maps, and, of course, PlayMarket (now Google Play) with third-party applications.

«iOS, it would seem, said: love me for who I am. And the Android turned to the users face, and she took» — the experts blog about technology TechCruch.
Rapid ascent

In 2011 came the first commercially successful version of the operating system — Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android is already called «the most advanced operating system». Leading smartphone makers Samsung, Alcatel, Philips, LG began to migrate EN masse to a new promising platform. The result is Android, whose share in 2009 amounted to only about 4%, in one fell swoop took almost 50% of the market, pushing him all the old-timers. Rapidly falling share of Symbian and RIM analysts have come to believe totally in the category of «other OS».© REUTERS / Bobby YipSamsung and Google introduced the first smartphone function Android 4.0 Cream SandwichEater «apples»: how unprofitable Android has become the leader of the mobile market© REUTERS / Bobby YipSamsung and Google introduced the first smartphone function Android 4.0 Cream Sandwich

The latter gave up Nokia. In 2013, its Vice President Brian Biniak accused Microsoft, in the absence of competitive applications for the Windows Phone platform. He claimed that for this reason, sales of flagship smartphones Nokia Lumia began to decline. The irritation resulted in the transition to Android.

The openness and flexibility of the new platform were appreciated by the developers. Now in Google Play, more than a million apps in the AppStore there are about 900 thousand, and in the store «dying» Windows Phone is only about 165 thousand.

And Google, and Apple kept the finger on the pulse and moving forward with their operating systems, noted by observers. However, despite all efforts, the second largest player in the mobile OS market has been losing positions in the market — they systematically took away the Android.

Android vs iOS

Why experts believe that «Apple» will never prevail against the rapidly growing army of «little green men»?© Fotolia / poetry operating systems on smartphonesEater «apples»: how unprofitable Android has become the leader of the mobile market© Fotolia / poetry operating systems on smartphones

One of the key success factors — the lack of a «Central provider» of technology. Samsung, HTC, Sony vying to launch devices with the latest technological solutions. As a result, they are often a step ahead of Apple.

Another argument not in favor of «Apple» — line of their smartphones are quite limited even for buyers who can afford the high-price segment.

«Apple has committed to itself to decide for the consumers what they want, Android also allows us to solve it to the market, and this approach worked very well in its favor,» the analysts say.© Flickr / Tsahi Levent-LeviAndroid and IOSEater «apples»: how unprofitable Android has become the leader of the mobile market© Flickr / Tsahi Levent-LeviAndroid and IOS

That is why in conditions of constant rivalry of many producers sitting on a platform, Android devices more competitive and therefore more innovative. Finally, the platform is constantly fueling a powerful and growing community of third party developers who are attracted to the operating system is open source.

Perhaps the most obvious reason for the dominance of Android in the market of mobile platforms is its accessibility to a much larger number of consumers, especially if we are talking about emerging markets. And given the fact that the cost of Apple devices is growing — projected new iPhone 8 will cost no less than $ 1,000 — the company will have to find ways not to lose gained strength competitor.