In Kaliningrad launched the full cycle production of the composite

© RIA Novosti / Igor Cyprinidae in photosangelina. Archival photoIn Kaliningrad launched the full cycle production of the composite© RIA Novosti / Igor Cyprinidae the image Bank

A full cycle of manufacture of products from composite materials for road, civil and industrial construction opened on Friday near Kaliningrad on the site of the company «Pression Groups Management – Urban Space».

«Development of production of composite materials is one of the areas in the state program «Developing industry and increasing its competitiveness». With the launch in Kaliningrad a full-scale production of high-tech products. we are also making a contribution to improving road safety», — told reporters the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov.

He noted that the government will support the plans of the investor on development of the export direction. Now the production of the Kaliningrad plant is supplied to 40 regions of Russia. This year the company launched its first exports to Kazakhstan. In addition, in Belarus local investor in the near future triggers the Assembly of structures made of semi-finished products made in Kaliningrad.

The company produces paleocommunities design: stairs, fences, drainage trays, profile sheets, epoxy adhesive used in the construction of the largest highways of the country. The total cost of the investment is 325,5 million rubles.

According to the management of the company used in the production of own innovative scientific solutions to improve the physico-chemical properties of a composite more than 15 patented technical solutions from the experts «PGM – Urban space». The company also actively participates in the development and implementation of the regulatory framework for the quality composite products.

Simultaneously with the start of production of the project, «PGM-Urban space» begins to create at the site of a modern laboratory for technical control, research, developmental and technological works.