In Moscow until August 28, will block several streets

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovskom My street. Archival photoIn Moscow until August 28, will block several streets© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

Some streets in Central Moscow will be closed until 05:00 on 28 August in connection with the carrying out of improvement works under the program «My street», the information center of the Transport complex of Moscow.

In particular covered are: street Varvarka, Fish alley, Bolshaya Lubyanka, Bolshoi Kiselny pereulok (Small Kiselny lane to Bolshaya Lubyanka street), Candlemas street (from Malaya Lubyanka streets to Bolshaya Lubyanka street), varsonof’evskiy pereulok, Kuznetsky most street (from the street Rozhdestvenka to Bolshaya Lubyanka street), street Rozhdestvenka (from Kuznetsky most street to varsonof’evskiy pereulok), Prechistenka street, Moskvoretsky embankment and the street pipe.

The information center is asking motorists to consider these changes and to choose routes of a detour.