In Russia, the start of «movie Night»

© Fotolia / StockPhotoProЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoIn Russia, the start of «movie Night»© Fotolia / StockPhotoPro

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky and the head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky will give on Saturday start the Federal action «movie Night» at its home venue — the courtyard of the Metropolitan Museum of Moscow.

Federal campaign «movie Night» will be the second time the Day of Russian cinema. For two days – 26 and 27 August, Russians wait for the outdoor film screenings, premieres, concerts, and exhibitions devoted to cinema. Across the country will be involved 2.517 sites.

«This year’s «movie Night» — special to the capital. On 9 September we celebrate the 870th anniversary of Moscow, and therefore the action will be largely dedicated to our city and its image in the domestic film industry», – said Kibovsky, quoted by the press service of the it Department.

«Last year, in the framework of the Year of Russian cinema was the experiment, now we know exactly what events and venues most in demand. We have a huge program — 127 events at 80 venues in Moscow. It’s almost the whole territory of the capital, in all districts. And it’s not just the cinemas participating parks, museums, exhibition halls, libraries and even Moscow zoo,» continued the official.
Main stage

The main stage for «movie Nights» will become the inner courtyard of the Museum of Moscow, which is specifically for the stock will be built concert hall under the open sky. Within the opening after the speeches of officials there will be the presentation and display of the collection of the graduation short films by students of the Moscow school of cinema. Viewers will see the films — winners of international film festivals, and will be able to speak with Directors of short films.

The evening will be showing the movie «first Time», the plot of which tells about the first man’s exit into space. Will present a blockbuster starring actor Yevgeny Mironov, Director Dmitry Kiselev.

Sunday in the courtyard of the Museum of Moscow in memory of the actor Alexei Batalov will show the film by Mikhail Kalatozov «the cranes are Flying», which received the «Palme d’or» at the Cannes film festival in 1958, and after the session will be a discussion with Director Alexander Mitta («Crew»), who, referring to the historical context, talk about the era of Soviet cinema and its main creators.

Will continue the program, the main stage concert on the main composers of the national cinema and their films became symbols of the new Russian cinema. Complete the day of the premiere of the soundtrack to the film «Man with a movie camera», which is specially for «movie Night» was written by composer and musical Director of the Stanislavsky electrotheatre Dmitri kourliandski.

Meet filmmakers

In the Multimedia Art Museum is one of the most influential producers of Russian cinema, Alexander Rodnyansky will tell you how to interact with talented authors and to convey to the audience important and relevant ideas. The participants will also be able to discuss the difference between Russian and Western filmmaking. The series of creative meetings with cinematographers will continue in the ZIL cultural center, cinema «Star» and the documentary film Center.

In the ZIL cultural centre will be a discussion of two Directors — Ivan I. Tverdovsky and Roman Liberov. Ivan will talk about the filming of «Zoology». Speech Tverdovsky will continue at the section «question-answer», where viewers will be able to engage in a discussion with the Director.

Animator Yuri Norstein, Creator of «Hedgehog in the fog», will perform in the cinema «Star», there will also be a presentation of the film «the Hit» and meeting with creators of the format work-in-progress. The debut of Margarita Mikhailova interesting as another swallow «female wave» in Russian cinema — the story about girls in search of fame and love in the big city.

Director, screenwriter, producer, author of the famous film «radio Day», «what men talk About» and the TV series «Kitchen» Dmitry Dyachenko will talk about the specifics of the Russian film industry, about the different ways of filmmaking and how to make a successful movie at the documentary film Centre.

Movie to the masses!

On Saturday, the cinema held a preview of the most anticipated films of the fall: «Arrhythmia», «Gogol. Start» and «About love. Adults only». To get them free of charge according to preliminary registration on the website.

In the Garden named after Bauman on Sunday in the framework of a festival of cartoons, which will present a program for all ages and master classes for creating animations. In the evening, the audience will be able to learn all about the features of work in the film industry and take part in master classes by occupation cinema from the Moscow film school and the high school movie «Arch». During the day in the garden you will see the best of the international short film «in Short» and listen to lectures under the open sky.

In the cinema network «Moschino» free will show the Comedy «the Kitchen. The last stand» with Dmitry Nagiyev in the title role, the historical drama «first» and military drama «28 Panfilov» Andrew Salope and child Heath in 2016 — cartoon «the snow Queen 3: Fire and ice». These films were selected by the viewers during the online vote conducted by the Ministry of culture and the cinema Fund, said the press service.

City Square weekend, viewers will see four silent films about the cities and the tomorrow people — «Death of sensation» (1935), «metropolis» (1927), «Journey to Mars» (1918) and Aelita (1924) — the voice of the DJs and electronic musicians.